The Importance of Mind-Heart Connection in Leadership and Innovation

There is a big difference between innovation and adaptation. Innovation is so important for companies because it gives a competitive advantage, it brings something new to the market, it helps the company grow. But in reality, what we are doing is adaptation. We take an existing product and we adapt it.

There are two worlds that need to align for REAL innovation to happen. Your inner world and your outer world.

Adaptation comes from the mind. This is your outer world. You look at a product or service and think about how you can improve, adapt or make it better.

Innovation comes from your heart. This is your inner world. Your inner world has no thought, it is all feeling.

When you are connected with your heart ‘’innovation emerges from within’’, it emerges from ‘’nothing into something’’. The empty space that is created by going beyond the mind, allows room for the heart to fill with real IDEAS, real INNOVATION.

The question is where does that come from?

Your heart contains your purpose, contains your happiness, contains your connection with life or a higher power, I call this the CEO of life. He/She brings awareness through your heart about:

  • The next steps should you be taking in your life
  • The right decision you need to make by using your intuition
  • And being able to trust in life and to flow when necessary

Because we are fixated so much on the mind, the heart has no chance to speak. Real innovation is not happening. It’s like a continuous catch-up with the market in terms of staying on top of the game. You adapt but there is no uniqueness.

That’s why it’s of utter importance to really INNOVATE, to leave space between creation and thinking and allow ideas and answers to emerge from within you.

If you need more innovative ideas, give yourself space and time to go beyond the mind and see what emerges from within… it is the only way to find a real balance between real success, purpose, happiness, and sustained profitability in your business.

Raf Adams

Raf Adams

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