Suited Monk 2 Day Retreat

Gain Clarity, Meaning & Purpose for Your Life & Career

For Leaders, Entrepreneurs, independent professionals who want to increase the quality and create clarity in their life and career towards happiness, more meaning and purpose.

You don´t need to go live on a mountain or spend weeks away from your family, career and life to create true transformation, but it helps to break habits and patterns to be away from your regular environment, especially if a stressful one, so that´s why we offer the Suited Monk Retreat packages for your organisation.

An intensive retreat to help you unblock negative emotions, connect with your true self and experience more fulfillment in life

In this life-changing workshop, discover the source of peace within yourself. Meet and get to know your inner monk – who you truly are – and why you’ve chosen the suit you wear.

As a ‘’suited monk’’, you can wear the suit of the business world and be a success, yet enjoy lasting inner peace.

This workshop will help you:

1. Create clarity, discover the right career path and find your true purpose

2. Change your life to find inner peace and lasting happiness

3. Learn how to live as a suited monk and make the right choices in life & career

4. Understand what more life offers a suited monk, and how to tap into other forms of energy

5. Gain self-awareness and discover the inner genius and true desires of a suited monk

6. Use your intuition and emotions as messengers to increase the quality of your life

Who Will Benefit From This Retreat?

  • Leaders and managers considering a career change
  • Those who want to find their true path in life
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a business around their passion
  • Those going through a mid-life crisis or burnout
  • Those who want more meaning and fulfillment in life and work
  • Future leaders who want to transform themselves
  • Those who want to increase their internal motivation.

This course is UNIQUE and very EXCLUSIVE

This course brings together the external and internal worlds in a practical way.The Suited Monk is an International Brand. I have a successful 10-year career running Suited Monk workshops and distributing books in the Asian market. I am a speaker at International Universities such as CEIBS (International Business School of Europe and China), I work with clients from all over the world such as British Petrol, GAP, Barco, OCBC Bank, Basf, Philips, Mead Johnson, Bayer, Henkel. My articles have been published in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Forbes India and Korea Times. My book The Suited Monk is converted to English, Spanish and Chinese. It is published with great success in Spain in 2019  through the publisher Amat. Currently, I live in Barcelona.


It is very important during the Suited Monk workshop to be in a safe and comfortable environment to do deep inner work. We have booked to create a safe space to go through the process.


Participants are required to come to the retreat by their own means.

If the participant decides to cancel within 15 days from the program, a 50%  payment is due on agreed fees.

Contact raf(@) to join (seats are limited to create a closed circle experience). Before the process if this is your first time we would like to speak to you first.

Ask us. We are here to help!

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To hold a private retreat for your company, team or friends, please email us at raf(@) or contact us at the contact form.