Suited Monk – Barcelona

An intensive retreat to help you unblock negative emotions, connect with your true self and experience more fulfillment in life

Program Objectives

The Suited Monk’s expertise is in helping people realize their potential in life

The program has three core objectives:

  1. To allow individuals to take a step back from work and life and release negative emotions from the past to find more peace
  2. To become more aware of your inner self
  3. For participants to thoughtfully reflect on their life journey to find their true path in life and find alignment from internal and external (Suited Monk Seminar)


What is the Suited Monk

Many people are successful externally (Suit), they are smart, fast thinking, logical and often successful in their career. However not

all of them feel fulfilment, purpose and happiness on a daily basis. They struggle with feelings of self-doubt, giving ownership, to be non-judgmental, to listen actively and be true to themselves (Monk). As a result, it affects the persons personal happiness and realization of their true potential.

The Suited Monk helps those people to identify the GAP between their external and internal self in their life and leadership. They then go through an intensive practical self-awareness program to close their GAP. This will result in a happier life and better leadership.

The Suited Monk has been offered in Asia for 10 years for both Fortune 500 corporations as well as individuals on their life journey.







It is very important during the Suited Monk workshop to be in a safe and comfortable environment to do deep inner work. We have booked to create a safe space to go through the process.




























Participants are required to come to the retreat by their own means.

If the participant decides to cancel within 15 days from the program, a 50%  payment is due on agreed fees.

Contact mcanut(@) to join (seats are limited to create a closed circle experience). Before the process if this is your first time we would like to speak to you first.


Miquel Canut

Miquel is a firm believer of living life and doing business for the common good. He has been actively integrating his spirit and purpose in daily life, relationships and business. For the past 14 years he has been coaching and mentoring people to help them find their purpose in life and realize their true potential.

Miquel Canut has translated the Suited Monk in Spanish, El Monje con Traje. As a GLO partner, he facilitates Suited Monk workshops globally.

Miquel Canut is also an Entrepreneur and the founder of Veltia hand dryers. He holds several patents for new hand drying systems and exports his products to over 85 countries. He has established factories in Venezuela, Morocco, South Africa and commercial offices in South Korea and China. He is an active member of his community and since 2008 has been Member of the board for the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce.

Miquel is often invited to speak to companies and events on subjects of: Entrepreneurship, Business Growth and Internationalization, and Developing Businesses with Social Values.

He also serves as a Board Member for a non-profit organization distributing food to over 2,300 struggling families in Sabadell and is Rotary Club Member – previous president from 2013-2014.

Raf Adams

Raf, originally from Belgium is the author of The Suited Monk, Suited Monk Leadership (available at, co-founder and Chief Wisdom Officer at Good Leaders Online with offices in Shanghai, London and Barcelona. He holds two coaching certifications including an ICF accredited program and advanced coaching Masterclass.  He is certified by the Shanghai Qigong Institute and facilitates Qigong classes. After living in Asia for 12 years he is living now in Barcelona.

He has been delivering Suited Monk workshops for executive, leadership and management teams since 2010 in Asia. Over 1000’s of people have enjoyed his Suited Monk program’s for Fortune 500 companies.

Raf’s expertise is helping people enhance their self-awareness in life and leadership. He teaches practical spirituality and self-management techniques to close the Gap within oneself.

From age 12 till 27 Raf was suffering with feelings of self-doubt, frustration and unhappiness. He pursuit a career in Shipping & Logistics but lacked meaning and purpose in work and life. In 2008 during the financial downturn he had a crisis and decided to change careers and follow his heart. He found new purpose and fulfilment in his work and life, resolved negative emotions and suffering and found happiness, true love and purpose on his journey.

Raf developed the Life Journey Model®  and Gap model to help others achieve what he has learned: to live: a life and career that integrates spirit with the many facets of everyday life. His model appears his Suited Monk book for the first time in print to share his powerful message to help others so that they can discover their true self and benefit from their gifts. Follow Raf’s clear and practical instructions to apply this model to your life as it is today and enjoy the immediate results.

His books have been translated in Chinese, English and Spanish.

Personal recommendations can be found on his LinkedIn profile. His articles have been published in Forbes India, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Korea Times.

His clients include:  BASF, Mead Johnson,  Disney, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, Medtronic, British Chamber of Commerce, SKF, Barco, Carrefour.