Suited Monk – Amazonian Process

Barcelona March 14,15 – 2020 Barcelona

An intensive retreat to help you unblock negative emotions, connect with your true self and experience more fulfillment in life

Program Objectives

Fractal Change and The Suited Monk’s expertise is in helping people realize their potential in life

The program has three core objectives:

  1. To allow individuals to take a step back from work and life and release negative emotions from the past to find more peace
  2. To become more aware of your inner self through the Amazonian Emotional Process (information below)
  3. For participants to thoughtfully reflect on their life journey to find their true path in life and find alignment from internal and external (Suited Monk Seminar)

What the Amazonian process will help you with

  • Familiar conflicts you want to resolve
  • Resolve Emotional Blockages
  • Eliminate Fear / Anxiety
  • Work through addiction problems

The retreat starts with a seminar by Raf Adams, author of The Suited Monk (El Monje Con Traje) to help participants reflect and gain clarity about the bigger picture of their life journey. Raf will introduce his concept of the Gap Model and Life Journey Model, which shows why we suffer in life and provide practical solutions on how to close the Gap within oneself.

After the workshop, there will be vegetarian lunch. In the afternoon we start with a mindful walk in the mountains to help us gain awareness about our inner self, connect with nature and connect with the other participants.

We will have a light meal at 5pm and personal time until we start with the Amazonian Process at 7pm until late night.

The next day is focused on integration and share our learning with other participants as well as take action steps from the insights gained during the Amazonion process and the seminar.

What is the Amazonian Emotional Process (AEP)?

The Amazonian Emotional Process uses ayahuasca, a liquid produced by Amazonian plants, for therapeutic purposes.

When ingested, the plant activates areas within the brain related to memory and awareness of emotions. Ayahuasca is considered a sacred drink by innumerable indigenous Amazonian groups and is a common medicine in much of South America. The traditional and modern use of ayahuasca extends from Panama to Bolivia, including Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The use of ayahuasca is also legally protected and regulated in Holland, Canada, and the United States and consuming it for healing purposes has expanded internationally into several European, American and Asian countries.

What is the Suited Monk

Many people are successful externally (Suit), they are smart, fast thinking, logical and often successful in their career. However not

all of them feel fulfilment, purpose and happiness on a daily basis. They struggle with feelings of self-doubt, giving ownership, to be non-judgmental, to listen actively and be true to themselves (Monk). As a result, it affects the persons personal happiness and realization of their true potential.

The Suited Monk helps those people to identify the GAP between their external and internal self in their life and leadership. They then go through an intensive practical self-awareness program to close their GAP. This will result in a happier life and better leadership.

The Suited Monk has been offered in Asia for 10 years for both Fortune 500 corporations as well as individuals on their life journey.

What should I expect?

Every Amazonian Process is different, both for different participants and individually. The experience will be ineffable, beyond

language, and you will likely find that trying to put it into words after the process has ended will be daunting if not impossible.

Ten years of therapy downloaded in a night,” seems to be a fairly universal analogy to convey the possible takeaway from a process.

People who have consumed ayahuasca report having revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe as well as deep insights into how to be the best person they possibly can. This is viewed by many as an awakening and what is often described as a rebirth. In addition, it is often reported that individuals feel they gain access to higher dimensions.

Although these are common experiences, it is highly recommended that participants avoid trying to control their journey with expectations. Rather, we urge you to be open and present throughout the experience and understand that the Amazonian Emotional Process is not about control, but rather about letting go of current and past conflicts.

During the process, the focus is on gaining knowledge through intuition rather than logic and increasing your level of self-reflection, creative thinking, and emotional redemption.

Some therapeutic benefits from Ayahuasca:

Ayahuasca targets regions of the brain that are associated with emotion processing and motivation. In several small-scale clinical studies, ayahuasca helped with depression and anxiety, including recurrent cases. It has rapid and sustained anti-depressive effects.

Through a therapeutic approach, the emphasis is on the induction of an introspective dream-like experience characterized by visions, and autobiographic and emotional memories which increase mindfulness capacities as well as intellectual and spiritual


The level of self-reflection, reminiscence, ethical sensation, prosocial behavior, creative thinking, and redemption can be increased or elicited during the experiences. Various psychological blockages and denials may enter awareness and become illuminated from multiple perspectives allowing the participants to gain insight into their maladaptive behavioral, emotional and/or cognitive patterns.

These psychodynamic contents are often accompanied by an enhanced internal moral attitude that forces the participants to face their deep thoughts and emotions that confront them with earlier wrongdoings, self-deceptions, and lies. Repressed memories can surface causing emotional catharsis and opening the way to abreaction, relief, and remission.


Before the Amazonian Emotional Process, it is important to reflect on and allow yourself to feel and listen to what your purpose might be. What brings you to this process? What is it you hope to achieve?

For example: resolve emotional issues in relationship the family, release negative emotions, work through addictions,….


Because of the deep intense personal experience (often emotional) participants will go through,  participants are not allowed to share or post experiences from other participants without their approval.


We take your safety and your health very seriously, so please let your facilitator know of any medications you are taking, whatever they may be.


It is very important during the Suited Monk Amazonian Process to be in a safe and comfortable environment to do deep inner work. We have booked to create a safe space to go through the process.































Fees and payment policy

2-Day workshop (Including Suited Monk workshop + Amazonian Process + 1 night shared room with bathroom, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 1 follow up group coaching after one week) 350 EUR / person

DISCOUNT EUR 100: Pre booking price until February 10, 250 EUR / person

(Optional San Pedro on Sunday + Eur 100)



100% payment to be completed before the process (optional single room Eur 50 extra)


Participants are required to come to the retreat by their own means.

If the participant decides to cancel within 15 days from the program, a 50%  payment is due on agreed fees.

Contact mcanut(@) to join (seats are limited to create a closed circle experience). Before the process if this is your first time we would like to speak to you first.

Your facilitators

Pere Marced

Pere is a Change Agent and the founder of Fractal Change – a company that facilitates personal growth and self-awareness. He has been working with organizations and individuals in Shanghai since 2015, running workshops and coaching. Pere is an ICC Certified Master Coach.

Before devoting his work full-time to Fractal Change, Pere worked as an Overseas Business Development Manager in a Chinese corporation focusing on pharmaceutical sterile environments and oncological equipment.  His role included creating a network of international sales agents in the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Previously he worked as an Executive Director and Overseas Business Developer Manager in a consulting company with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Spain.

Pere is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, conversational in Italian and has a basic knowledge of Mandarin.

In addition to his experience in Asia, Pere has developed several hotel real estate projects in Spain and previously owned his own Marketing and Events Company.

Pere holds a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing. He has also studied graphology, non-verbal communication, and NLP.

Pere draws on a wealth of experiences and education when working with companies and individuals, and his 15 years working with Amazonian Plant Medicine is another step on his road to continual learning and evolution. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys his time surfing and skiing with family and friends.

Miquel Canut

Miquel is a firm believer of living life and doing business for the common good. He has been actively integrating his spirit and purpose in daily life, relationships and business. For the past 14 years he has been coaching and mentoring people to help them find their purpose in life and realize their true potential.

Miquel Canut has translated the Suited Monk in Spanish, El Monje con Traje. As a GLO partner, he facilitates Suited Monk workshops globally.

Miquel Canut is also an Entrepreneur and the founder of Veltia hand dryers. He holds several patents for new hand drying systems and exports his products to over 85 countries. He has established factories in Venezuela, Morocco, South Africa and commercial offices in South Korea and China. He is an active member of his community and since 2008 has been Member of the board for the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce.

Miquel is often invited to speak to companies and events on subjects of: Entrepreneurship, Business Growth and Internationalization, and Developing Businesses with Social Values.

He also serves as a Board Member for a non-profit organization distributing food to over 2,300 struggling families in Sabadell and is Rotary Club Member – previous president from 2013-2014.

Raf Adams

Raf, originally from Belgium is the author of The Suited Monk, Suited Monk Leadership (available at, co-founder and Chief Wisdom Officer at Good Leaders Online with offices in Shanghai, London and Barcelona. He holds two coaching certifications including an ICF accredited program and advanced coaching Masterclass.  He is certified by the Shanghai Qigong Institute and facilitates Qigong classes. After living in Asia for 12 years he is living now in Barcelona.

He has been delivering Suited Monk workshops for executive, leadership and management teams since 2010 in Asia. Over 1000’s of people have enjoyed his Suited Monk program’s for Fortune 500 companies.

Raf’s expertise is helping people enhance their self-awareness in life and leadership. He teaches practical spirituality and self-management techniques to close the Gap within oneself.

From age 12 till 27 Raf was suffering with feelings of self-doubt, frustration and unhappiness. He pursuit a career in Shipping & Logistics but lacked meaning and purpose in work and life. In 2008 during the financial downturn he had a crisis and decided to change careers and follow his heart. He found new purpose and fulfilment in his work and life, resolved negative emotions and suffering and found happiness, true love and purpose on his journey.

Raf developed the Life Journey Model®  and Gap model to help others achieve what he has learned: to live: a life and career that integrates spirit with the many facets of everyday life. His model appears his Suited Monk book for the first time in print to share his powerful message to help others so that they can discover their true self and benefit from their gifts. Follow Raf’s clear and practical instructions to apply this model to your life as it is today and enjoy the immediate results.

His books have been translated in Chinese, English and Spanish.

Personal recommendations can be found on his LinkedIn profile. His articles have been published in Forbes India, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Korea Times.

His clients include:  BASF, Mead Johnson,  Disney, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, Medtronic, British Chamber of Commerce, SKF, Barco, Carrefour.

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