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Keynote speakers for industry, corporate and educational audiences across the globe.

Raf Adams, and Mike Thompson, and Miquel Canut give keynote speeches to audiences on authentic leadership, integrity, the life and career journey, and wisdom in life and business. Known for compellinginsightful, and actionable presentations, Raf´s audiences are prepared to take action and make an impact in their workplace. Below are some sample topics, however, Raf, Mike and Miquel will customize any presentation to fit the goals, themes, and vision of the speaking engagement.

Raf Adams

Signature Topics:

Suited Monk Life Journey Model – A modern combination of Eastern philosophy and the Hero’s Journey. Major Takeaway: How to align the Suit (your external self) and the Monk (internal self) to dissolve depression & anxiety.

Leadership Gap Model – The signature 3 Step System to align work performance with fulfilment and purpose Major Takeaway: How to bridge the gap between success vs happiness for leaders who are searching for more meaning.

Philosophical Counselling & Spirituality in Business – The move towards secular leadership, as Christian leadership gains momentum. Major Takeaway: How to make business decisions based on the heart instead of the head

Corporate Topics:

Authentic Leadership: leadership and self-interest is coming to an end. It is through self-realisation that a leader can achieve its highest potential. How to bridge that Gap is key. Raf uses his Suited Monk model to help leaders lead with values, integrity, and authenticity.

Career Development: Career development is no longer looking at your skills, experience and past achievements. It is looking at your values, your purpose and your life journey. Integrating both your inner self in life and business is key to be happy internally and successful externally. 

Mike Thompson

How to be truly Successful

Success is no longer about achievement alone. Success is aligning your internal and external self so you can be happy internally and successful externally. Mike helps his audience understand and apply how to bridge that in life and business.


Wisdom in Business

Profit, achievement, and performance are all important and necessary. But without the HEART involved many people burn out. Wisdom in business transforms the leader from within to lead with purpose, and the right values and inspire his teams to do the same. 

Miquel Canut

From your SWOT  (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) to your Life Purpose

Being successful in life and leadership is having the ability to use your mind and heart effectively and in balance. Your SWOT and life´s purpose have to go hand in hand to be happy internally and successful externally. Miquel helps the audience with a practical keynote and insights to achieve this balance.

How To Bridge The Gap Within Yourself to be a More Effective Leader

True transformation within yourself happens by bridging the gap between who you are on the outside and how you are on the inside. Miquel, using the Gap model and Life Journey explains in a practical way how we created a gap within ourselves and provides practical tools to bridge this gap so you can be happy internally and successful externally.

Raf was great as a moderator at the HR Executive Summit providing excellent synopsis of presentations, connecting the themes of the conference to content, and provoking thought, next steps among the attendees.

Steve Wood

CHRO, Board Member

Raf spoke at TEDxMonga in April 2011, and was one of the easiest people to manage that we have worked with. He was extremely pro-active throughout the process, paying a lot of attention to our needs and making suggestions where necessary. He was very flexible and positive in his approach, making the whole process a pleasure for us. The talk he delivered was interesting, entertaining, and very well-prepared. A great success! Many thanks to Raf for his contribution.

Chris Gray

Organizer TEDx Taiwan

Raf has developed a unique model to help executives gain insight into their personal and interpersonal motivations with a very coherent argument that we can trust our heart and "implement with our mind". I think it is only a matter of time before Raf's programmes and publications become world famous.

Dr. Mike Thompson


Raf, Mike and Miquel will customize any presentation to fit the goals, themes, and vision of the speaking engagement. Contact us below to share your requirements and expectations.

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