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Hi, my name is Raf Adams, I’m an Executive Coach, Workshop FacilitatorLife Journey Expert, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership. I am founder of RAC Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in workshops, and leadership with a specific focus on helping people lead change, increase engagement and improve collaboration.

Originally from Belgium, I worked in China for 12 years, from 2006 to 2018, working for an international shipping company. In 2008, I changed my career towards coaching and training.

The Suited Monk itself is an International Brand. I have a successful 15-year career record conducting workshops with the Suited Monk, and with my books in the Asian market and now in Spain and America. I am a speaker at International Universities such as CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), I work with corporate clients around the world such as British Petrol, GAP, Barco, OCBC Bank, Basf, Philips, Mead Johnson, Bayer, Henkel, Carrefour. My articles have been published in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Forbes India and Korea Times. 

My book The Suited Monk is translated into English, Chinese published by CEIBS, and in Spanish through Amat editorial.

The Suited Monk Journey:

From 12 to 27 years old, I suffered with feelings of insecurity, frustration and unhappiness. My profession in Transportation and Logistics began to lose meaning and purpose both professionally and in my personal life. During the financial crisis, living in Hong Kong in 2008 I was affected by this crisis.

That was the trigger where I experienced an awakening, I was aware of the peace that was born in me; freeing myself from my Suit, from the emotional burden that this profession carried me; but I experienced a very big fear, which today I can say was the uncertainty of not knowing which way to go in my career and life.

I was 27 years old, and I felt now is the time of doing something different in my life. I began listening to my intuition, but being unaware that I was being guided by my heart.
Gradually I found my new purpose and a new mission in my work and in my life. To help others resolve negative emotions and anxiety and find happiness, love, and purpose and align it with your career. The Suited Monk was born. 

That is why I dedicate myself to serving leaders in large companies who carry a lot of responsibility, who fight for business success, accompanying them in the process of aligning their Suit success with their interior, with their Monk happiness. Sometimes it is not necessary to lose, to change radically, or sometimes simply to align and feel what we must do to achieve real success by closing the Gap, to be happy internally and successful externally.

For this reason, I developed The Life Journey Model ®  and the Gap Model to help others achieve what I had learned: to live a life, which integrates the heart with the multiple facets of everyday life. This model appears in my book The Suited Monk adapted for the first time in paper format to share this powerful message and help others so that they can discover their true selves and benefit from their gifts and talents. They are clear and practical instructions to follow to apply in today’s life and enjoy the immediate results. I have a team of coaches where we teach workshops, retreats and courses for facilitators. I currently reside in Barcelona since 2018.

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The Suited Monk Teadership Training

Our Monk is the centre of your life purpose and awareness. Our Monk is the source of your passion with the capacity for insight, creativity and perception. Growth, purpose and fulfillment comes from the flow of life, passion and talent to emerge from your Monk.

The Suited Monk books, personal development and leadership programmes will help you to develop mastery over the pressures that are faced by your Suit every day. We define mastery as the ability to close the Gap between our Suit that presents us to the external world and our Monk who provides passion, wisdom and guidance – our true Self. Mastery is listening and nurturing the Monk within.

We specialize in executive coaching, consulting for corporate renewal, leadership training and helping leaders to renew themselves and their teams in order to operate with greater alignment, purpose, effectiveness and profitability. The services provided to clients include executive coaching and workshops designed to develop authentic leadership capabilities.

Corporate Renewal Seminars and workshops are also offered to clients to cover topics such as: personal and team effectiveness (including stress management); vision and values engagement, authentic and self-aware leadership.

Raf and Mike have served many companies and individuals in our personal careers and through consultancy, management education and coaching. We are committed to the values and practice of responsible leadership.

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