Philosophical Counseling

What is Philosophical Counseling?

Many people in need of guidance are now turning to philosophical counselors to help them resolve specific problems and to better understand their situations.
The philosophical counselor is highly trained in philosophy but works with clients on real-world problems in a practical way. The philosophical counselor employs an understanding of philosophical ideas and theories to help healthy clients attain deeper insight, fulfillment, and functioning in their day-to-day lives.
Although philosophical counseling has some attributes in common with psychiatric and psychological counseling, it assumes a non-medical and non-clinical point of view. Psychology and psychiatry concern themselves with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Philosophical counselors, on the other hand, look at problems from a broader perspective and focuses on enhancing client strengths. It aims to support healthy individuals in gaining greater self-understanding and achieving peak performance. It can help individuals resolve existential concerns, relationship challenges, or moral dilemmas, thereby empowering them to lead more fulfilled and productive lives.

Do You Need Personal Guidance and Mentoring?

The most suitable candidates for philosophical counseling are clients looking for:

  1. Resolving issues of meaning, value, or purpose; or
  2. Issues of personal or professional fulfillment; or
  3. Want to increase the quality of their decision making; or
  4. Create clarity about their next step, and find their true path in life and career; or
  5. Working through daily life issues and problems
  6. Searching for the deeper meaning of life and work through weekly and/or monthly reflection

Raf Adams Philosophical Counseling Credentials

    • Publication of two well know booksThe Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership.
    • Raf´s book The Suited Monk has been published in Chinese, English, and Spanish.
    • The Suited Monk has been used for leadership teams at Fortune 500 companies and one on one coaching (46+ testimonials on LinkedIn).
    • The Suited Monk has been taught at International Universities such as CEIBS (China Europe International Business School)
    • Raf´s most well known work is the Gap Model and The Life Journey Model which is a visual representation of the journey of life and how to live an integrated life.
    • The Suited Monk was first highlighted at Tedx in 2011 in Taiwan
    • The Suited Monk concept has various publications such as The Economist Intelligence Unit and Forbes Korea.
    • 15+ years of experience working, living, teaching, mentoring, consulting in Europe (Belgium) and Asia (including 12 years in China, Hong Kong, and 4 years in Spain)

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