Suited Monk
1-2 day Leadership Workshop

Tailored for Your Success in Work and Life

Our Unique Program is a Personal Leadership Development

Workshop with Three Components:

Component 1:  Preparation

Pre-course questionnaire to identify the Leadership GAP between the external (Suit) and internal self (Monk)

    • Design a business case based on the leader’s challenges
    • Phone interviews with selected participants
    • Pre-course reading of Suited Monk Leadership written by Raf Adams and Dr. Mike Thompson
Leadership Meeting

 Component 2: Delivery

Two-day experiential practical workshop (20% theory, 80% tools, skills, and practice) including 3 key steps, unique to the Suited Monk Methodology

  • Enhance Your Leadership Suit (Develop a Growth Mindset, Learn to Manage Change)
  • Release negative emotions within the Suit Monk Gap (personal well-being, happiness and fulfilment)
  • Grow Your Monk (Develop your Purpose, Discover your Values, Build Trust & Collaboration with others)

Component 3:  Follow-Up (Optional)

Post-course review and discussion through 1-1 Coaching

  • Action plan and follow up with selected participants 
  • Further discussion and customized plan going forward
  • Post-course reading of Suited Monk Leadership to reinforce learning

Suited Monk Leading & Managing is a unique licensed program that consists of a one to two day workshop for employees, to improve collaboration, engagement, and personal well-being to maximize performance, with pre-course assessment, case design, and phone interviews followed by an individual or group coaching program.


Ran a highly effective and insightful training program on leadership - focusing one to confront their own self image and providing tools and learnings along the way to being a to become a more effective leader. Interactive, progressive and engaging. Thanks Raf.

Daniel Rudolph

President Henkel I Head of Adhesives APAC

Raf Adams & Co delivered a workshop to the senior Sales & Marketing Team for IHG plc Greater China. The session was stimulating, highly engaging, and participative - delivering a high-quality output across a diverse and multi-cultural team.

Nick Barton

Senior Vice President Intercontinental Hotels Group

Why Book a Suited Monk Workshop?

The Suited Monk is a one to two-day practical workshop designed to help employees become more self-aware and learn skills and tools to improve personal efficiency.

The unique workshop will provide employees with a set of practical tools and an understanding of themselves that will enable them to lead from within.

This includes a 3 Step Process:

1. Enhance Your Leadership Suit 

  • How you manage the Gap within yourself affects your performance and leadership effectiveness
  • Taking ownership & responsibility – attitude reset
  • Managing change in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
  • Maximize Suit performance through effective self-management skills
  • Optimize your Suit-Monk Gap to build trust with your team
  • Building resilient people through coaching
  • Embedding key learning and development areas

2. Release negative emotions within the Gap

  • Managing emotions and stress when under pressure
  • Letting go of negative emotions and internal conflict
  • Emotional resilient leaders and managers. Tips and techniques.  
  • Emotional team resilience profiling and development focus
  • Embedding key learning and development areas

3. Grow Your Monk

  • Practical tools for leading from the heart and connecting heart-to-heart with employees (thereby enhancing psychological safety for employees)
  • Learn how to build trust with others (Monk to Monk communication)
  • Rediscover your values and the impact on your decision making
  • Employee engagement. Connecting the head, heart and hands
  • Leading with a purpose to inspire others
  • Develop your personal leadership statement
  • Personal, team and organizational development plans

This program can be customised further to your specific company and team’s situation. Contact us with your requirements, current business challenges and objectives



The Suited Monk books are used to guide workshop participants to integrate the learning before and after the workshop. 

The key focus is to be happy internally and successful externally both in life and career.

Suited Monk Leadership

What Makes The Suited Monk Coaching, Training & Workshops Unique?

Watch The Suited Monk Gap Model Training below to understand why we are so anxious, stressed or burned out in our daily lives, or a feeling of yearning for something more, when we already have career success, money, and status, and how to achieve lasting happiness, fulfilment and freedom

After a Workshop Participants Have Experienced Benefits Including:

  • Behavioural and mindset changes towards elevated leadership effectiveness beyond ego and personal limitations
  • Clarity regarding personal leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Increased internal confidence
  • Increased safety in expressing feelings and emotions
  • A higher sense of well-being
  • Increase in the quality of decision making
  • Experience more internal emotional balance
  • Increased level of trust and engagement with team members
  • Clarity on finding a good balance between internal and external motivation to avoid burnout
  • Improved personal and team collaboration based on mutual trust
  • Being more self-aware about personal strengths and weaknesses
  • More transparency amongst team

Real Authentic Leading & Managing Yourself 

  • Every member of your team has a gap between his Monk and the Suit. For some, this gap is narrow, for others wide.
  • The purpose of the Suited Monk Authentic Leadership program is to ensure this gap narrows and ideally disappears.
  • The obvious objective and result for the individual are less stress, less anxiety, and feeling happier, while for the team and organization, it brings more trust and collaboration. This will ultimately result in better performance and business results.

Raf’s workshop on “Leadership from Within” was quite inspiring and refreshing ! It made me ponder on my authentic self, my purpose, and how to let go to enjoy more of work and life.

Dechun Fu

Managing Director of BYK Greater China

Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject “leading from within”. The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team.

Hengming Yang

President Britisch Petrol China

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The Suited Monk is an International Brand with workshops conducted since 2009, all throughout Asia and Europe.

 Our workshops have successfully developed leaders around the world such as British Petrol, GAP, Barco, OCBC Bank, Basf, Philips, Mead Johnson, Bayer, Henkel, Carrefour, and more.

The Suited Monk has been translated into English, Mandarin Chinese published by CEIBS and in Spanish through Amat Editorial. 

Corporate Workshop Testimonials

Hundreds of participants from multinational companies worldwide have experienced and successfully integrated the Suited Monk Methodology since 2009, read what everyone is saying and see for yourself the results our clients have received.


Authentic Leadership Successful Case Study

Katie’s career goal is to be a senior sales leader of a large company. The company also treasures her as key potential talent. A six-month workshop follow-up coaching program with Raf Adams helped Katie go through a big transition where she gained increased leadership skills, trust & respect from colleagues while increasing company productivity.


Contact us for more details, and let´s discuss Your Specific Situation.