The Suited Monk Clarity System

The Suited Monk Clarity System is a combination of 2 powerful models –

The Life Journey Model, and the Gap Model.

These encompass highly complex topics such as ancient teachings, philosophy and psychology, even modern personal growth, into a powerful and simple way for anyone to understand within 20 minutes. 

The Life Journey Model

The Life Journey Model® gives a detailed visual representation of your life journey in a practical and easy-to-understand way. It is used to create clarity on your life and career journey and the gap that many people experience in their life. The gap creates unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment in your life and career.

 The model applies powerful knowledge from the culmination of the collective wisdom of humankind’s greatest spiritual traditions and teachers to our present-day world. It has been validated by personal experiences. 

The Life Journey Model™ provides a ground-breaking roadmap to your external and internal worlds, and you can easily apply it to your own life to find fulfilment, happiness, joy, love, and a sense of purpose. 

The big question is where are you on your journey? More on the Suit side of career success, or more aligned with your inner self, your Monk?

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The Gap Model

Once you gain more insights on the bigger picture of your life and career, the next step is how? 

This is the next step of the Suited Monk Clarity System

  • How do you live a truly fulfilling life?
  • What does it mean to be truly successful?
  • How do you grow inner confidence?
  • How do you find lasting peace and happiness?

The answer: Bridge the gap within yourself and align your internal and external worlds. 

This must be done in the following 3 Steps:

  1. Develop a healthy Suit (or mindset)
  2. Liberate your negative emotions within the Gap
  3. Grow your Monk or inner self (Values, Purpose, etc)

All strategies and tools are widely explained in Raf´s books available on The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership. These tools are also taught in Authentic Leadership workshops and seminars.

The Life Journey and Gap Model For Your Company

Leaders, HR, CEO, and Teams have to deal with a lot of challenges and changes on a daily basis.

    • How to manage change
    • How to communicate effectively
    • How to think strategically
    • How to reduce stress
    • How to be more efficient

Most workshops provide tools and strategies to solve a particular problem.

But if the underlying root cause of the problem is not addressed, the problems remain, and may manifest themselves in new consequences. 

Each leader, each manager, each employee has a Gap within himself, herself. The size of that gap will determine:

    • How happy she/he is
    • How motivated she/he is
    • How passionate she/he is
    • How much she/he uses her/his potential 
    • How she/he manages his emotional state

And so these Models help leaders, managers, and employees understand how they have created this gap in their life. Once awareness is created, there is the possibility for true transformation, from top level down, within each employee, so the company experiences complete & lasting change.

The larger the gap within a person, the more stressed they are, more resistant to change and much more defensive. 

The consequence is a lack of trust, lack of good communication and effective team collaboration.

If your company has a lot of employees with a large gap, this develops into a corporate culture with a lack of trust and collaboration.

The Life Journey and Gap Model for Personal Growth

A successful in life is not just about focusing on your career alone. 

It is about understanding your life journey and why you were born. 

Understanding this journey was first taught in ancient wisdom and philosophy, but even though they serve their purpose, we need a newer model that is practical for the challenges in the world we live in today.

Rarely has there ever been a visual representation of the journey of life, that collects all this wisdom and knowledge. 

The Life Journey Model is a visual representation of those teachings so everyone can understand these important lessons in an simple & easy way.

In ancient philosophy, the journey of your life is the journey towards self-realization. If self-realization is not achieved your life and career journey will be a quest for self-knowledge. This self-knowledge is not an easy task. Few people find or know how to find the right guide to walk alongside them on this journey. 

Besides a guide, you also need practical tools to  integrate these teachings to live a happier life. Not happiness that comes and goes, but true, lasting happiness that will be the foundation of a balanced & fulfilled life.

The Suited Monk Clarity System & Coaching Workshops have been teaching this foundation for happiness, balance and fulfilment since 2009. 


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