1 - 1 Executive Coaching Testimonials

From the very first chat Raf was extremely empathic and certainly able to understand my needs. After some months now, I can say he is truly passionate and he has a real gift in understanding my inner and outer sides. During our conversations, he is doing a great job in supporting and guiding my journey to integrate these two sides, my quest for a life that is truly fulfilling, my enhancement as a human being through decisions that will ultimately bring me to live a life true to myself. I see things with a lot more clarity and I am looking forward to the next months of this journey.

Danilo Teobaldi

VP Vehicle Engineering at NIO

Retreats & Workshop Testimonials

Ran a highly effective and insightful training program on leadership - focusing one to confront their own self image and providing tools and learnings along the way to being a to become a more effective leader. Interactive, progressive and engaging. Thanks Raf.

Daniel Rudolph

President I Head of Adhesives APAC Henkel

Raf Adams & Co delivered a "vision and values" workshop to the senior Sales & Marketing Team for IHG plc Greater China. The session was stimulating, highly-engaging and participative - delivering a high-quality output across a diverse and multi-cultural team.

Nick Barton

Senior Vice President IHG

Raf’s workshop on “Leadership from Within” was quite inspiring and refreshing ! It made me ponder on my authentic self, my purpose, and how to let go to enjoy more of work and life.

Dechun Fu

Managing Director of BYK Greater China

Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject “leading from within”. The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team.

Hengming Yang

CEO WANDA Sports Group

Raf is an impressive, intense young man, a coach with his own model of life, which works well and opens new avenues of thinking in a positive way, even for the very experienced, without endangering the personality of his clients: integrity and ethics are part of the service. I encountered a very good experience with Raf and would advise anyone to spend the time required to do the same.

Thierry Laurent

Vice President European Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

Raf is one of those rare, humble souls whom has had the purposeful advantage of catching a glimpse of what a fulfilling, happy life can be and now wants to share it with those of use who get too busy to pay attention. His workshop is the perfect balance of team collaboration, self-reflection, spiritual sensitivity, practical applications, simplicity and profundity that will inspire you to take charge of your life, the purpose it will serve and the joy that can be felt along the way.

Amena Lee Schlaikjer

Founder at The Wellness Works

I enjoyed « The Suited Monk » 2 day workshop, and think it blends very well into my coaching career learning.  Raf leads the workshop in a very interactive and sharing manner, which makes the participants open up and understand better with real life examples, whilst making one reflect and raise self awareness.



Raf has shown his deep understanding on what is purpose of life, and how to pursue it with heart. I enjoyed the whole program and was very much inspired by the creative way of visualizing life vision. Raf was able to create an open and welcoming environment in his program. I admire Raf who takes lots of effort to make it happen, to help people taking care of themselves from both mind and heart, in both external world and inner world, with respect on both individual and society. It is more than just a program...

Tina Li

HR Leader Apple

I did enjoy the 2-day workshop by Raf, which inspired participants to seek the power from within to lead both their life and their work. I appreciate the true life story and the apperception shared by Raf. Wish you a successful and beautiful future!

Keera Zhang

Senior HR Director Greater China Pepsico

Raf is an extraordinary human being who found his true purpose in life at a very early stage and he makes full use of his high state of consciousness. Raf is not teaching from any text book - he took every step he talks about. It is wondrous how universal his teachings applied to my life. The insights which his two day workshop "Leading from within" yielded for me demand radical changes in my life and have given me the courage to make them happen. I now have an authentic inner voice that I can rely on in any situation. No more doubts and wrong decisions. Raf connected me with my inner child and I now feel whole and complete. Long lost childhood memories are coming back and I am ease with myself and my business - my whole life situation seams to be perfect. I now have a heartfelt understanding of myself and made a promise to myself to take good care of me - in order to be able to give to others. Having Raf in my life is a blessing and his workshops have priceless value to me. I highly recommend anyone to allow yourself to receive Raf's gift!

Frank Steffen

Founder Pure & Whole

Nuo Ma

Chief Human Resources Officer at Inventus Power

Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Raf was great as a moderator at the HR Executive Summit providing excellent synopsis of presentations, connecting the themes of the conference to content, and provoking thought, next steps among the attendees.

Steve Wood

CHRO, Board Member

Raf spoke at TEDxMonga in April 2011, and was one of the easiest people to manage that we have worked with. He was extremely pro-active throughout the process, paying a lot of attention to our needs and making suggestions where necessary. He was very flexible and positive in his approach, making the whole process a pleasure for us. The talk he delivered was interesting, entertaining, and very well-prepared. A great success! Many thanks to Raf for his contribution.

Chris Gray

Organizer TEDx Taiwan

Raf has developed a unique model to help executives gain insight into their personal and interpersonal motivations with a very coherent argument that we can trust our heart and "implement with our mind". I think it is only a matter of time before Raf's programmes and publications become world famous.

Dr. Mike Thompson


I recently spoke at a conference at which Raf was the conference moderator. I was deeply impressed by the professional manner in which he established contact an rapport with me well in advance of the conference, ensuring that he had a solid understanding of my topic and also my background.

When he introduced me it was clear that he had not stopped there and had done further research into my background so that he could give me a thorough and rounded introduction.

His management of the conference in terms of time and ensuring that the audience had plenty of opportunity to interact with the speakers was excellent.

Chris Howe

Owner Changemaker ISL Limited

Brian Smith, MBA / SPHR / CCP

Senior Vice President CHRO

I first met Raf in his capacity as conference chair/moderator of the 2014 Enfovia HR summit, where I provided a keynote speech. Raf took the time before the conference to get to know me and get to the core of my topic. It was a highly personal and committed approach...that struck me as something out of the ordinary.

I subsequently had an opportunity of spending time with Raf. He has a talent for understanding both the interior and exterior of who we are, and a passion for helping others integrate the two in ways that can create great value and enhanced personal fulfillment for executives/leaders.

Pete Sparber

Chief Human Resources Officer at Infor

Raf did a great job hosting the HR Summit 2014 in Shanghai. He captured the essence in each topic and kept the agenda moving forward smoothly. A job well done!

Mikael Romu

President, Partner CHRO

I had the pleasure of working with Raf at the HR Executive Summit in Shanghai. Raf was consistently well prepared and focused on ensuring everything went smooth. During the conference, I observed that Raf was well prepared. He did a great job of researching the background of each speaker and did a fine job of introducing each one professionally. Raf was also very eloquent when it came to transitioning between presenters.

I recommend Raf for future hosting engagements.

Jerel Bonner

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Books Testimonials

At some stage of our lives, we inevitably reach certain crossroads – whether in our careers and personal lives – and this can present huge challenges and uncertainty. Raf’s book gives clarity, guidance and certainty when confronted with such challenges and is a “must-read” for anyone seeking direction, fulfillment and enrichment during their life journey.

Jeremy Sargent

Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong

We live in times of great uncertainty but Raf provides us with great possibilities through his Life Journey Model. This model helps you to see where you are in your life and what is the best journey for you to take. Raf’s model will challenge you and take you to a new place of self awakening. Raf’s ability to tell his story and to then use the model to build a greater life for himself is truly inspirational and will motivate readers to do the same. A great read.

Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

Former CEO, International Coach Academy

“Everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fulliest should read The Suited Monk. Raf’s Life Journey Model is a simple yet brilliant framework to help us understand why joy is not deducted from material wealth and we should strive for inner peace and happiness. Reading The Suited Monk, I rapidly identified my own journey to bridge the gap between the inner and external world, which I will now accelerate to the fulliest.

Peter Buytaert

President AGFA Asia

The suited monk “speaks” to you. Written in an engaging, conversational style, the weighty matter of finding your life’s purpose has been decoded and broken down into some simple, easy to practice steps. Raf’s life journey model has been drawn from his and his workshop participants’s rich (and real) experiences and this is what makes it powerful and convincing.

Riktta Prasad

HR Director, R&D, Greater China at Unilever

It is a delight to meet someone who is so open to, and aware of, what seems to me to be exemplified in the tension of work/life balance: a tension which with many friends of mine has been destructively dominated by work, and an addiction to work. Raf has developed his own metaphors and vocabulary to present this experience in an affecting way. The book is undoubtedly a good start, but it is in his communicating - in the face to face encounter with the individual - that the transformative impact of his experience really comes across.

You will be fortunate if you take an opportunity to hear him, or attend one of his programmes or seminars. He offers both a graphic warning about the negative effects of purely competitive individualism, and a positive example of how to (re)balance your own life or for the lives of your team/employees/colleagues.

David Bevan

Professor CEIBS

Very interesting book " the suited monk". definately worthy everybody to take some times to read and digest. It will benefits both your daily professional life and personnel life.

Cathy Song

Global Talent Development Director

Raf is authentic and inspiring. His book and workshop of changed my life journey in 2011. After joinning his workshop, I resigned and started my new adventure as a life coach and trainer. Now we have been working together for two years. And my life will never be the same as before.
I am living a fullfilled, meaningful life with joy, peace and challenge.

Thanks Raf!

Larry Lee


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