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The Suit is your external self, your success, your achievements, your job title, and how you project yourself to the world.

The Monk is your internal self, your purpose, your values, your intuition and how happy and fulfilled you feel within.

Most people focus on their Suit in their life and career and disconnect from their Monk.

So they create a gap within themselves between what they focus on and what they really want in life.

That Gap makes leaders unhappy, anxious, and stressed. 

Over the past 15+ years, The Suited Monk methodology has helped 1000´s of leaders worldwide in Fortune 500 companies globally to bridge this Gap

What Makes The Suited Monk Coaching, Training & Workshops Unique?

Watch The Suited Monk Gap Model Training below to understand why we are so anxious, stressed or burned out in our daily lives, or a feeling of yearning for something more, when we already have career success, money, and status, and how to achieve lasting happiness, fulfilment and freedom

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By learning to align your intuition, happiness, and purpose (represented by your inner Monk) with the external world of career success and achievement (represented by the Suit you wear), you will have freedom, calm, and inner peace to access the vast potential that exists within you, both in your professional life and personal relationships.

You will be able to minimize anxiety, stress, and problems caused by old, habitual ways of thinking and feeling.

The Suited Monk Leadership Book

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World (VUCA), how can leaders be true to themselves, the people they lead and increase performance? Suited Monk Leadership helps to provide the answer by showing how people can embark on a journey of leadership discovery in which they can live with authenticity, values and purpose, within corporations, companies and businesses thereby increase collaboration and engagement.

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The SUITED MONK Online Program

The Suited Monk Way For Living - Online Program

This unique transformational program is a true philosophy for living – based on the teachings and workshops of the Suited Monk since 2010 – the 2 powerful signature models The Life Journey Model and The Gap Model will help you discover a more workable way of living – living a life true to yourself following your life path, and build a successful life around it, rather than finding the highest paying job and then trying to be happy.

How The Suited Monk Transforms Companies:

The Suited Monk workshops, coaching and training has been transforming Fortune 500 companies since 2010. Our unique methodology for work, life, and career creates collaboration, engagement, improves communication, maximizes leadership and responsibility through teaching The Gap Model and The Life Journey Model.

Book in a corporate DEMO session with your team at our cost to see how it works!

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Read articles about using your Monk (intuition) to guide your Suit (external success)to live a life on purpose and happiness. - By Raf Adams -
The Suited Monk / Executive Coach / Life Journey Expert / Practical Philosopher

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