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Executive Coaching

All successful people eventually hit walls in their career and personal lives. The skills and traits that once brought them success no longer serve them well under new circumstances. Regardless of whether they are being promoted or have suffered a major professional setback. They need to adapt quickly and move into an entirely new role for which they may be woefully unprepared. That new role might involve staying with the same employer, or it might require a major transition to an entirely different line of work. I help leaders in this transition.

Leaders often in midlife who are self-aware, smart, fast-thinking, and open to change. He/she is successful in his/her career but wants more mental, emotional, and career balance in both work and life.

You’ve read personal development books, attended leadership development seminars, and maybe gone to several retreats. But you still haven’t found the answers you are looking for.

That’s typically where I come in.


Challenges you may be experiencing now:

  • High expectations leading to burnout
  • Difficulty managing stress and anxiety 
  • Achieving results but lack fulfilment or satisfaction in the process
  • Lack of clarity for the next steps of your career
  • Unhealthy work habits, long hours, no time for yourself or family
  • Want to stay with the same employer and find more internal balance, or want to make a career change and need support in the process
  • Having achieved a certain level of success and wanting more meaning in life


Outcomes of executive coaching

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Balance between success and emotional stability
  • Self-Awareness to develop inner potential
  • Clarity on what makes you really happy
  • More balanced in lifestyle
  • Explore options to further develop your career
  • Increased awareness of potential, strengths and areas to develop
  • Increase the quality of your decision making
  • Improve emotional intelligence and mental health
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships at work
  • Achieve peak performance and personal fulfilment
  • Solidify a positive mindset for success

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From the very first chat Raf was extremely empathic and certainly able to understand my needs. After some months now, I can say he is truly passionate and he has a real gift in understanding my inner and outer sides. During our conversations, he is doing a great job in supporting and guiding my journey to integrate these two sides, my quest for a life that is truly fulfilling, my enhancement as a human being through decisions that will ultimately bring me to live a life true to myself. I see things with a lot more clarity and I am looking forward to the next months of this journey.

Danilo Teobaldi

VP Vehicle Engineering at NIO

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