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Executive Coaching

All high performers eventually hit a ceiling in their careers and personal lives. You hit your ceiling and you are now wondering what´s next?

The skills and decisions that once brought you success may no longer help you. Maybe your life is heading in a different direction and you need to prioritize differently and adapt quickly.

As a coach I can help you navigate those challenges and changes. Having support is essential to break through mental roadblocks, managing uncertainty and risk, and eliminate fears.

You are a high performer, read personal development books, maybe attended several high-performance seminars, and went to retreats. But you still haven’t found the answers you are looking for and you need personal support. 

That’s typically where I come in.
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Challenges you may be experiencing now:

  • High expectations leading to burnout
  • Difficulty managing stress and anxiety 
  • You reach your ceiling, and achieve your financial goals in life and you are wondering, now what?
  • Relationship challenges at home
  • Achieving results but lack fulfilment or meaning in the process
  • Having achieved a certain level of success and deciding on the next steps
  • Lack of clarity for the next steps of your life and career


Outcomes of life journey coaching

  • Transition towards a life that combines purpose, meaning and success
  • Prioritize your life goals and establish a plan to achieve those goals
  • Improve emotional intelligence and mental health
  • Balance between success and emotional stability
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Clarity on what makes you really happy
  • More balanced lifestyle
  • Increased awareness of potential, strengths and areas to develop
  • Increase the quality of your decision making
  • Achieve peak performance and personal fulfilment
  • Solidify a positive mindset for success

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From the very first chat Raf was extremely empathic and certainly able to understand my needs. After some months now, I can say he is truly passionate and he has a real gift in understanding my inner and outer sides. During our conversations, he is doing a great job in supporting and guiding my journey to integrate these two sides, my quest for a life that is truly fulfilling, my enhancement as a human being through decisions that will ultimately bring me to live a life true to myself. I see things with a lot more clarity and I am looking forward to the next months of this journey.

Danilo Teobaldi

VP Vehicle Engineering at NIO

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