52 How to Redefine Leadership Power For the World Today

How to Redefine Leadership Power For the World Today

Power has two components. 

External power and internal power.

If I ask you to give an example of external power, the answer is quite easy… some politicians, an aggressive leader, an army, a narcissist..

If I ask you to give an example of a person with internal power, the answer is more difficult… a Buddha? People who meditate? Mahatma Gandhi?

It´s always easier to come up with things that are achieved easily… it´s hard to come up with examples of people of character.


Creating a powerful Suit is easy, just attach it to your ego and voila! You have it! This just takes a second.

Can you create internal power in a second? Think about it…

Internal power takes years and years to develop through struggles and overcoming difficulties… It is a process that cannot be sped up. And the ´´unfortunate´´ part of internal power is that no one can see it. No one can see you are doing the work or did the work.

Who has more authority in the world, the external or internal power? The external one… that´s why people en mass follow leaders who project external power. Because it gives a false sense of safety and security. You can hide under the umbrella of external power in the hope it covers up your internal weakness and lack of thinking for yourself.

However, external power can be destroyed in an instant, a scandal, exposure of lack of integrity, and people lose faith.

Internal power cannot be destroyed because it is rooted in the essence of a human being. It goes beyond belief, it goes beyond image, it goes beyond trying to be or prove anything, and so it is always there.

So would you prefer external or internal power?

The best answer would be a little bit of both, with the internal coming first and adding a healthy dose of external power too.

In business, we call this ´´Developing Character´´, a ´´Wise´´ and ´´Authentic Leader´´. 

Regardless of your performance, experience or achievements, this character development will be the most important ´´work´´ you will ever do in your life.

Your external can always change, but your internal will always be with you.

How to get started developing your internal power? You must begin with your values.

And the reflection point is very easy: ´´where are you making decisions in your life and career NOT in alignment with values?´´ Because that’s where you lose internal power.

The answer is easy, most people would say, I’m already aligned, I have the power. I make decisions true to myself. 


The mind will jump in so quickly to answer that question, just to give a sense of safety and security for yourself.

The first answer will be from the mind.

Now ask the same question again and reflect on it deeply, ´´where are you making decisions in your life and career, not in alignment with yourself (eg based on expectations of others, your wife or husband, your parents, friends, or because you ´´have´´ to). 

The next answer will go one layer deeper because you have questioned the first answer and chose not to accept it. The next answer may be a little different to the first.

Keep asking yourself the same question, and this way of self-coaching will allow you to access the subconscious mind, where the real answer lies.

If you think about it deeply and you realise something, that will be the starting point to developing your internal power. It´s all about small tweaks to reconnect with that part that is YOU.

Happy living.

Raf Adams

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