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How To Awaken The Leaders Inner Monk

Marketing. Sales. Emails. Messaging. Responding to calls.

The Suit world is very demanding. The Suit world is never finished, there is always more you can do in a day or more to achieve.

You can always write more emails, call more people, and respond to more messages.

One of the transformation aspects of a manager growing into a leader requires delegation. 

Delegation is the ability to take a step back, observe and not be ´´in´´ the Suit world but to observe the Suit world by having others to do the tasks.

The same is true in life. Don´t always be ´´in the world´´, sometimes, take a step back and observe the world. Don´t engage. Just observe.

When you observe the world, for example, when you observe a team, you are in a state of awareness. Awareness brings and gives space. That space is critical for the quality of your decision-making.

Space with no words or thoughts allows room for INSIGHT to come.

The Suit world is the same for everyone. Calls, marketing, emails, interruptions, decisions to be made… 

INSIGHT is personal. Your values are personal, your insights are personal, and your awareness is personal. Insight is new information aligned with your values and your direction and vision in life.

The problem in the world today is that many people put the Suit first and the INSIGHT second. Making money, and achieving goals come first. And insights (mostly obtained only during holidays) come second.

But you are not the external world. Your heart expresses itself to you and through you through INSIGHT. That is the real you. That is YOUR MONK speaking to YOU.

The mind often suppresses insight because the mind cannot understand the heart. The mind is often opposing the heart out of fear. Fear of losing, dying, and a lack of recognition. But only the heart can set you free.

And so the goal is to modify this process with the heart coming first and the mind coming second. 

It is the only way for you to be truly happy and successful in life and your career. Instead of just being successful and wealthy.

To bridge this gap requires an understanding of the Life Journey. It requires the practice of awareness. One layer of awareness each day. Either through a small meditation, or a small prayer. Or just come to the office 30 minutes earlier than everyone and have a nice cup of coffee, sit at your desk and journal.

Those moments in life should come first. Then let your success follow with the insights that you gain.

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