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Do we need wisdom in business? Isn’t wisdom some fluffy, nice thing to have as a leader?

Ok, being a wise leader is nice, but now let’s get back to reality, let’s get back to work.

Aren’t we supposed to perform, achieve results, meet deadlines and provide shareholder returns?

Well, in essence, there is NO business without wisdom, wisdom is always there, but the question is to what extent is it suppressed in your organization and what are the consequences.

Where you operate from, and how you manage your business will make the difference between success and profitability at the expense of stress and burnout… and success and profitability that motivates people through a higher purpose and happiness.

If a business is just managed rationally from the mind, people are not really motivated; goals are just a means to achieve targets, get your bonus, get promoted, and earn more. There is no meaning, and there is a lack of trust, a lack of sharing, and no “real cooperation” or connection with others. A business managed only from the mind creates an aggressive unhealthy corporate culture with people unwilling to change.

So what’s the solution? Just be irrational, go into wisdom and change yourself and your culture and your business?

It’s not that simple.

Leaders, managers, and employees are human beings. And human beings are emotional beings, not rational beings. Our rationale is how we get things done, while our emotions drive us.

Some businesses operate like this: Rational focus -> Use external motivation -> Achieve goals.

Shouldn’t it be?

Emotional (purpose) focus  -> Internal motivation -> Rational focus -> External motivation  -> Goals. 

What is missing right now is the alignment of both worlds, your inner world (what I call your inner Monk) and your outer world (what I call your Suit).

Wisdom is exactly where the internal emotional part comes into play. Wisdom contains your values, your purpose, self-management, awareness, ethical behavior, patience, etc. And then add the external world of achievement goals, success, and profitability. 

Moving forward it is key that you develop this wisdom. It’ll keep you balanced, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually internally so that you can then achieve the goals you desire externally.

Feel like you don’t have mental, emotional, or spiritual balance? Take this 2-minute questionnaire designed by Prof. Dr. Mike Thomson from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) that will help you identify the gap between your internal and external worlds. Take your free check-up here now.

Raf Adams - Wisdom in business

Raf Adams

“I write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help leaders bridge the gap between their internal and external self to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. By doing so, be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, the company, and society. To buy a copy of The Suited Monk or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleague, click here.

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