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There are two voices in life and leadership; a rational voice and an intuitive voice.

We are born with an intuitive voice and then programmed to develop (overdevelop?) the rational voice in school. The rational voice then takes over our lives and becomes our driver and we lose our internal voice.

In midlife, many leaders achieve career success but create a disconnect within themselves by losing their inner voice.

Then, mostly through crisis, a burnout, job loss, a divorce, an accident happens, and the ‘’success’’ that was created is taken away. The huge gap then becomes visible because of the tangible results of the external worlds that are gone, fallen down, or broken and the internal world that was lost.

This gap then becomes the new reality… uncertainty, doubt, confusion, depression… not knowing what is the next step in life and career.

Often, addiction arises to cope with the darkness that comes during these periods.

And if you are lucky, ‘’the internal journey starts’’. The journey to the inner voice, soul searching, what is the meaning of my life, what is my purpose? All coming back to the inner voice that was lost during childhood but not knowing where to start this journey or how to align both internal and external worlds in a practical way.

Can’t we just change the way we teach our kids so that they don’t lose their inner voice?

Every person, every leader, every manager has a gift inside. Can’t we just nurture the gift in every person so that they can do good for themselves, do good for people and do good for society?

We have a long way back home…

Are you ready for your journey?

If today you feel a lack of mental, emotional, or spiritual balance, you can take this 2-minute questionnaire designed by Prof. Dr. Mike Thomson from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) that will help you identify the Gap between your internal and external worlds. Take your free check-up here now.

Raf Adams - Rational vs. Intuitive voice

Raf Adams

”I write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help leaders bridge the gap between their internal and external self to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. By doing so be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, the company, and society. To buy a copy of The Suited Monk or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleague click here.

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