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We have many different voices. A rational voice, an emotional voice, a physical voice, an intuitive inner voice.

When your inner voice comes out too early people don’t take you seriously; the voice is immature, you are not being heard, even though you shout.

When your inner voice comes out too late, it comes out with regret, with missed opportunities, with missed dreams about what you wanted to do with your life, regrets over past relationships, and things you didn’t do in life.

When you are a young salesperson in your first job, excited, full of energy, with inspiration, ideas, and dreams. Some of them will be seen as Naïve.

I remember one ex-boss saying, ‘’Raf dreams too much’’ because I had a vision.

The question becomes, can you break through the rejection of the external world? Initially, I couldn’t, because of fear of rejection, fear of what people would think if I put my vision out there, so I shut up. For years.

The inner voice was always there for me, but not shared with others. I kept it inside.

It’s only when I was mature enough to carry the weight of the vision that I was able to share my voice because it was ‘’time for the voice to be heard’’.

When it came out too early, I was not ready. 

If it would come out too late, I would have regrets in life for not bringing my purpose and gift out there and sharing it with others.

So there is a right time for everything. The question that needs nurturing is ‘’what is your inner voice?’’. Is it time for your inner voice to come out?

What is it saying right now?

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Raf Adams

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