How To Make Suit Monk Decisions?

Business. Social Media. Finance. Health, and even relationships.

Everything always goes through the mind. 

Some go through the heart first for a few weeks or months, but then it becomes a mind game.

Imagine you start a business based around your purpose. You love what you do from the heart. But soon you will realise the struggle of running a business through the mind. Not having enough clients, problems with marketing, not finding the right people to hire, not getting funding or sales coming in…

Even if you start a relationship with someone, you fall in love through the heart. But what happens after a few months and years in many relationships? It becomes a mind game. ´´You said this and because of that…´´, it becomes an argument, a rational, a distant relationship.

If you start a new job, you love the new environment, meeting new colleagues and learning new things. But after a few months, things become dull, you realise it’s not the dream job you were looking for, with office politics going on and the pay is not worth all the extra problems you now have, and now you have more expenses, for some reason!

And so, most of our intentions in life are good, they come from our heart first. 

But then there comes a moment when boredom, challenge or status quo sets in, and at that moment, the mind takes over to control or manipulate to get what we want, especially in relationships.

The mind needs to be fed when you are not in harmony with yourself. And the more you feed the mind, the stronger it becomes.

When you are in harmony with yourself, you experience your life, and you don’t mind changes, you don´t mind moving forward, and you don´t mind obstacles. Because the heart knows it is for the greater good and for your expansion.

How can you keep using the heart as your guide for decision-making and choices?

How can you keep using this philosophy to stop the mind from taking over and monopolising the biggest decisions you make in your life?

Constant awareness!

However, you cannot be constantly aware during or after work when being involved in the external world.

Awareness is developed and used by making a conscious choice to set time apart for reflection. For example, each morning, 20 minutes when having your coffee.

Or a Sunday afternoon journaling about how your week was and reflecting on if any changes need to be made in your life and business.

These conscious reflections will allow you to stay on track and keep ensuring your inner and outer worlds are aligned and not separated.

The big question is, where have you set time apart for self-reflection in your week?

Happy Living.

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