46 Suit and Monk Hacks for Maximising Leadership Potential

Suit and Monk Hacks for Maximising Leadership Potential

Hacking. The ability to take shortcuts to maximise your potential.

Daily cold showers are a hack to stimulate blood flow and improve health. 

Using meditation headsets before sleeping improves sleep quality and waking up refreshed.

Getting a subscription to book summary services, so you don’t have to read whole books but just get the essence of each book to save time and get results quickly.

These are all life hacks.

Life hacks exist to maximise your performance, maximise your health, leverage your time and achieve your personal goals.

But you can only hack so much in life.

There are parts that you cannot hack. 

Emotional healing is not a process you can hack. 

Finding your purpose in life is a process you cannot hack. 

Maturing as a leader is not something you can hack.

These are the Monk parts of you that have to EVOLVE. 

You can hack the Suit and be more efficient and productive and learn skills and tools but to grow your Monk on an emotional and spiritual level is a process that CANNOT be hacked or short-cut.

And so in your career, you can only be ´´so successful´´ because there is always more to achieve. 

At the end of the working day, when you are at home and supposed to be switched off and relaxing, you always return back to your Monk. 

But most people can’t relax because, subconsciously, they don’t enjoy being in their Monk. 

Being in their Monk means to go back to suffering because they are not at peace internally, there is no alignment with their true life purpose; hence there is so much overwork, addictions to substances and activities that numb and dull the suffering. 

That´s why we pursue so much in the Suit (external) world, to avoid suffering and to obtain some version of ´´happiness´´.

But the only way to be truly happy is to align your internal Monk with your external success.

And so when I ask you, what do you focus the most on in your life and career, the Suit or the Monk? What will be the answer? It is the Suit. We focus on building our business, building our careers, and being successful. 

But which one is more important? The Monk. Because you want to have sustainable happiness, and happy relationships filled with love and live a life of meaning and fulfilment. 

But this part was never developed for us in school and later on in the workplace. The Suit is important, but if the Monk is not aligned to your suit, you will not be happy.

And so, through hacking, we aim to obtain a better Suit. Hacking is useful, but it only helps so much. You need to involve your Monk in everything you do.

Many senior executives, usually in midlife, realise the importance of developing the Monk. 

Because the Suit is already successful, but on a deep subconscious level, you feel, now what? 

I am successful, but there is something more, what is it?

The mind cannot fulfil that purpose. If you are at that stage, be aware that it has to come from the heart. And because the heart is intangible, it is difficult to understand what the heart is asking for.

Everything in the inner world, whether it be fulfilment, purpose, love, connection, values, or joy… has to be experienced. 

Forgiveness, for example. 

Forgiveness cannot be hacked, it has to be experienced. 

And so, if you want to be truly happy, learn to listen to the messages of your inner Monk, starting with the emotions you feel daily. Acknowledging these emotions are gateways to start bridging the gap within yourself.

You can keep using life hacks to improve your Suit, but it only brings you so far, and if you just add a little bit of Monk to it, soon you will discover that the quality of your life and happiness will increase tremendously together with your success on a sustainable level.

Happy living.

Raf Adams

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