Sin lawfully


Sin, but sin lawfully.

How can the ignorant man learn? How can the ignorant man grow? The ignorant man always has two options. To learn or to stay ignorant. If the ignorant man wants to learn, he will learn through sin. Sin is not bad. Sin is learning, sin is an opportunity for growth.

Which one is worse, the conscious man who is afraid to make a mistake (sin) or the unconscious man who sins and learns?

Sin only becomes a problem when it becomes conscious. When the conscious man sins he knows he is digging a hole for himself, he knows he is making a mistake.

I remember one day I saw a car accident and the two men were shouting at each other for whom to blame for the accident. This is unconscious sin. They are not aware. They blame each other for who is right and who is wrong. This unconscious sin is an opportunity for growth. If they just realize they are attached to the mind, to the blame, to the anger, they would free themselves. The opportunity is there, it just requires one moment of realization.

Every day you sin. Every day is a mistake. Every day is imperfection. Even this article is a sin. Even these words are sin. Because it is imperfection. And it is imperfection that leads to perfection. Once you are able to accept that you are imperfect you become perfect. Perfectionism is God, perfectionism is the universe, it is all. And all is One. Oneness is within every human being and it is the journey and the purpose of your life to bring you there.

There are two types of sin, the mental sin and the spiritual conscious sin. Do not engage in spiritual sin. Spiritual sin weakens you, it makes you poor, it brings you down. For example, to steal or to cheat on someone are spiritual sins.

Mental sin, strengthens you, it makes you grow, it helps you flourish. For example, doing a presentation when you are afraid is a mental sin, the sin is on the mind, the sin is in the mind. You are sinning against the mind, against the ego, you are challenging your own self-worth through the ego, which leads to self-liberation. Or in the case of the car accident example, sin against the mind, go from blame to love, from frustration to acceptance. By doing so you liberate yourself. Your sin has become a blessing.

You always have two choices, ‘’to sin or not to sin’’. I recommend to sin without knowing to sin in uncertainty. Sin without knowing is to take a step outside your comfort zone. When you step outside your comfort zone you go beyond ego, you are vulnerable, you are showing your heart to the real world, the real you. You are insecure and it is at that moment that growth happens. The ego wants to feel safe and secure. But this false safety and security is holding you back from connecting with the real you.

And therefore I say ‘’sin lawfully’’ which is to challenge your ego, to overcome your fears, to go beyond your mind so that you can be true to your heart. Challenge your mind by sinning towards the mind, sin to and through the fear, this is lawful sin. And this is the only path to self-liberation.

The Suited Monk

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