To Teach Without Teaching That is The Art of The Great Master

Sometimes words are not necessary to learn the lesson.

When you are in a leadership position, when you are a father, when you are in a position of authority sometimes silence can be the greatest teaching.

Giving advice and opinion is easy, being silent is not.

Giving advice and opinion comes from the mind.

Being silent comes from the heart.

How come being silent is so difficult?

Because there is an imbalance in how we operate.

When you experience problems in life, the mind starts to look for solutions, and the mind gives advice and strategies on how to overcome a problem.

But sometimes this needs to be changed to:

You have a problem in life, you are silent, and you give space and time to yourself for reflection. During that time and space, the heart has time to speak and the answer will emerge through insight, a sudden epiphany, or sudden new awareness that will solve your problem…

To align your internal and external world, silence is to start living from within.

Sometimes we can be our own best teacher, because deep down within we know the lesson that needs to be learned, and silence will bring the answer to you.

The question is when and where do you need to apply more silence in your life?

Raf Adams


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