Building a life with the right foundations

Wars, social unrest, a great depression, a pandemic… we all get through it. Life goes on.

So what is life exactly?

If all the external situations we have encountered throughout history end, shouldn’t we know or become aware of why life continues?

Why do we not try to understand the foundation of life instead and try to understand what that is? 

Instead, we keep building things on top of foundations we don’t fully understand and focus on those.

It’s like building a house, making it the most beautiful house ever. It gets featured in magazines, and everyone would love to live there and the architects did the due diligence and had engineers ensure the foundations of the land were sturdy enough to build this beautiful home.

And that’s how we’ve built a society, without looking at the right fundamentals for life.

Building a relationship with someone based on external needs instead of love and self-awareness.

Building a business without the right values.

Pursuing goals not aligned with your life’s purpose.

The consequences are obvious. Burnout, failure, anxiety, depression, regret, unhappiness & apathy

All because everything is built on an inadequate foundation.

In contrast – why are poor people so happy? 

There are many rational reasons for it, but the easiest answer is because their happiness is built on pure foundations. They live in the exact place they are supposed to live. 

Why are some rich people very happy (fundamentally happy)? Because their career and relationships have been built on the right fundamentals of life.

Life consists of everything internal.

Your values

Your purpose

Your intuition





No matter what you build, if anything in your life is not built on those fundamentals, there will be a gap between what you are pursuing and what you really want.

When you are able to align your life with your external world, this is when internal balance and alignment happen. 

Everything flows smoothly. Everything is natural. Everything is without resistance.

This is not a state of survival. 

This is a state of creation.

For your relationship to work, you must go back to the fundamentals of love. Do you love yourself first? 

For your business to work, you need to go back to the fundamentals of purpose. Is your business based on something you love or something that just pays the bills?

All these have to be rebuilt if they are built on the wrong fundamentals, in order to go back to the state of alignment. 

View your Life and your external world as one.

It is the ultimate goal.

Raf Adams

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