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Protecting yourself in a difficult world


Imagine being Elon Musk as a young kid, saying you want to put people on Mars! He probably got laughed at and ridiculed. 

The world is not always ready to listen to your discoveries because the world may not be prepared to listen.

So many kids’ dreams are lost or not fulfilled because they are being told they cannot do it, it’s not achievable, or it’s not for them or simple laughed at…

And so, even when we grow up and communicate something we believe in, we may receive resistance from the external world because their mindset or belief system is not ready to embrace your new reality.

My words are not difficult. My words are simple. 

Simple not in a derogatory way, simple in a powerful, vulnerable but authentic way.

Simple and difficult have to go hand in hand.

A simple message has to be communicated in a challenging world.

A simple message is prone to rejection, laughter, denial and ignorance.

Your purpose is a simple one.

Your values are simple.

Your intuition is simple.

Everything inside you is simple, whilst the external world, the challenges we face, the money we make, and the people we lead can sometimes be difficult. 

Difficult, meaning challenging, difficult in a way that we need to learn how to live in our world.

And so, how do we return to being the simple beings we are, whilst simultaneously achieving our goals and reaching our full potential? It’s like being authentic whilst being strong. Being vulnerable whilst executing what we believe in.

Rule 1, Start by keeping your simplicity to yourself. 

When you start or are on an internal journey of self-discovery, and you learn something new, you realise something new, what is the first thing you want to do? Share it with those close to you, right?

The people around you may or may not be on a similar journey. And so, they may not be ready to hear what you have to say. 

Hence so many conflicts in the world exist.

I remember when I started teaching my Suited Monk primary program “The Life Journey” in China in 2011.

I was young, and I didn’t have much experience. 

What would I teach to someone who was 45 years old or older? It was quite painful at that time because my feeling of being a teacher was not yet fully rooted inside me. 

And in the beginning, the external world shook me up and put me off balance.

And so my advice is, keep your message to yourself in the beginning, feel it, enjoy it, embrace it, and let it evolve and grow inside you.

Once your discovery has rooted inside you, find those you can trust to share your discovery. 

Expand on that inner discovery and bring it into the real world. A mentor, a coach, a good old friend, someone who doesn’t judge you and is there to listen.

The only way for you to find inner peace and be balanced in today’s world is to align your simplicity with the difficulty of the external world. A journey of pain that leads to inner peace.

Build your inner strength, and no one can push you off balance.

Raf Adams 

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