The Real Solution for Depression

I saw the headline at CNN ‘’Michael Phelps: ‘I am extremely thankful that I did not take my life’’

The most successful Olympian Athlete ever!

You reach success, the whole world knows you, you are married to Miss California, and you have 3 children, shouldn’t it be the ‘’perfect life’’?

Michael is not the only one, Barcelona soccer star Iniesta thought about suicide in 2009 after winning the league cup, the title and… the Champions League.

Don’t we all want that success in our business, as an entrepreneur or a leader, to have a nice relationship, a family life and be wealthy and happy? Isn’t that what we are pursuing?

What is missing between our success and having a great life with joy and real happiness? 

The real problem is ‘’the gap within oneself’’.

Often not talked about in business, not talked about in school, not talked about with most parents, teachers, educators, our friends because they also don’t know and probably struggle with it themselves. 

Sometimes even professionals don’t know because they are also lost on their life journey too….

No wonder we are all so lost. 

We search for external achievement, success, living a good life, but we often lose ourselves in the process. We meditate, we work out, we eat healthily, we do our best but we still don’t feel happy… then we go for medication. 

We may feel temporarily better but it does not completely heal us and in the end we decide ok ‘’let’s just cope with this’’ not knowing how to solve our situation.

The solution is not external, the solution is to bridge the gap within oneself. That’s what all of us are here for. But we have never been educated to do it since we were born. 

So we grow up with unresolved emotional issues, a lack of purpose, a lack of direction, and some enter a depression because we have lost connection with our inner self.

It’s essential that we bridge this gap and find mental, emotional and spiritual balance in your life and career to be happy internally and successful externally. 

We all have the right to it, and the solution is available for everyone right now.

There are other famous people, and regular people like our leaders, managers, employees, all people going through similar journeys of severe frustration but most people successfully hide it..

Isn’t it about time that we start educating ourselves about what it means to connect with our inner self? That we learn the benefits of healing emotionally? That we understand that we are on a journey of self-realisation. That our depression cannot be solved externally but it has to be solved internally?

So that we avoid the pain in our lives, so that we can nurture our gift and talent and live the life we desire.

Michael, a big part of your healing journey will be to heal unresolved emotions within your gap, they are a major solution for you to cure your depression.

How is your internal balance?

Raf Adams

#balance #depression #selfcare

If today you feel a lack of mental, emotional, or spiritual balance, you can take this 2-minute questionnaire designed by Prof. Dr. Mike Thomson from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) that will help you identify the Gap between your internal and external worlds. Take your free check-up here now.


”I am an executive coach and write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help leaders bridge the gap between their internal and external self to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual balance. By doing so be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, company and society. To buy a copy of The Suited Monk or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleague click here.

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