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The Importance of Internal Guidance

I am not religious, but I believe there is a God. 

Named different names in different teachings, religions, and philosophies. ‘’He/She’’ in my viewpoint, is the CEO of life.

In the end, we are all students. 

Students of life. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has realized he/she is still a student.

Students fail, students make mistakes, and students need guidance. 

But for some reason, adults don’t keep trying to make mistakes as we did as children, in fact, we try to be perfect to avoid these failures.

In the process of learning, there is external guidance and internal guidance.

External guidance comes from the CEO of life in the form of challenges, fears and limiting beliefs. 

Or a health issue to resolve, the loss of a loved one – all help us get closer to our hearts.

Internal guidance is already within us.

It is your inner compass, your intuition, your purpose, what you are born to do, your values, your gifts and talents, and the message you need to bring out to the world. 

It’s only when you are able to listen to your internal guidance that your purpose can shine. 

Have you ever seen an old man or woman who lived a life on purpose? 

You can see the joy in their face, even though they are old. They have listened to their internal guidance.

Have you ever seen an old man or woman with resentment and anger about life? You see the pain and sorrow in their face when they are old. They have rejected internal guidance.

The ONE who is able to align internal and external guidance, the one who is able to understand, interpret and go through life’s challenges given by the CEO of life, will be able to align both his inner and outer worlds.

Have you listened to your internal guidance lately?

Raf Adams

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Internal Guidance

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