The Difference Between Temporary Loss and Fundamental Loss

Fundamental loss is time, quality time with your kids, quality time with your family, quality time with yourself. The weight of this loss has more impact even though the time is less. These are what I call internal losses. These are times that cannot be recuperated. For example, due to your long working hours, you cannot spend a lot of time with your kids. Over years, these times cannot be recuperated.

Temporary loss is external loss, losing a job, losing money, losing job opportunities. These are the losses that are temporary and can always come back. You can always get a new job, you can always make money somewhere else, you can always get new opportunities.

I’ve seen many leaders spend most of their time on temporary loss instead of fundamental loss. Pursuing external achievements and goals, pursuing new opportunities whilst the weight of fundamental loss is much higher on one’s life journey.

Not being able to see your kids grow up due to work travel, not being able to have time for self-reflection on a weekly basis due to high stress, not being able to spend enough time with your family because of work obligations have a huge toll on ones emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

It is of essence that your leadership balances both internal and external worlds so that fundamental loss is brought to a minimum and you feel balanced within whilst still obtaining goals and achievement in the external world.

If today you feel a lack of mental, emotional or spiritual balance, you can take this 2-minute questionnaire designed by Prof. Dr. Mike Thomson from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) that will help you identify the Gap between your internal and external worlds. Take your free check-up here now.

Raf Adams

I am a practical philosopher and write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help leaders to increase the quality of their decision making. By doing so, achieve mental, emotional and spiritual balance be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, company and society. If you want to fastrack your results right now, click here to get the Suited Monk book or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleague. Yes I want it!

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