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Opinions and feedback

I remember I was asking a friend often for his opinion. And at a certain point he said, ‘’are you not sure about your decisions’’?

And I said ‘’yes I am but I just need perspective’’.

That’s why they keep reading. That’s why they have a board of advisors. That’s why they have a coach.

Successful people don’t necessarily need more skills. Yes, they can always learn more skills, but what they need is perspective. A different viewpoint. A different way of looking at the same situation, to be able to then make a better decision.

This is one of the reasons I facilitate workshops with senior leaders, to help them get perspective and to increase the quality of their decision-making.

The quality of your life and your success in business depends on the quality of your decision-making. In order to increase the quality of your decision-making, you need to increase your perspective. Facts tell only one side of the story. But perspective can add a lot more dimensions which will then result in better decision making.

So ask for opinions, ask for feedback from trusted people, and have an advisory board next to you. Then listen to your inner self, make sure the decision is aligned with your values and you will be on the right path in life.

Raf Adams

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