35 Just do the work

Just do the work.

In daily life, we focus on our career, daily tasks and executing responsibilities. We try to improve ourselves and aim to achieve higher. 

But on a deeper fundamental level, why? Why do we do what we do?

This question has two answers:

  1. The first answer is a biological one – Because we want a better quality of life, make more money to have the lifestyle we want, we want to be happier, support our family and live a good external life. This is built into our DNA, to desire improvement and advancement. All creatures strive for survival, and for humanity, it means improving our standard of living.

  2. The second answer is more on a deeper level. Because unconsciously, all our life experiences lead us to self-realisation. Some of us are consciously aware, and on this journey, some are not. At some point in life, this realisation comes. For some, it comes sooner. For some, it comes later. The time frame it comes is not important. What is important is that you are on a journey, and you recognise that. 

What happens to a pond in nature when water stops flowing in and out? The water becomes still, algae start to grow, and the water becomes polluted. It becomes stagnant, and it loses its ability to be a healthy home for its microsystem.

The same happens in life. If we stop growing in any area of life, we are slowly moving backwards. Our health does not improve, our relationships don’t improve, and we feel stuck in our search for something more. 

And so, continuous growth, action and flow in all areas of life are necessary in order to keep growing.

To achieve things in the external world, we need to learn skills, strategy, planning and make goals. We need to reach out to people, we need to search for opportunities and collaborations that can help us achieve our goals.

To achieve things in the internal world, the external world can’t provide solutions for you. External events are just a cause or a ‘coincidence’ to help you make the transition towards internal transformation. 

The internal transition guides you towards self-realisation. 

Knowing your values, leading and living with purpose and being able to make quality decisions that lead you to your true path in life are the keys to self-awareness.

To live a life where your internal and external world aligns, you just have to do ‘’the internal work’’.

The daily, internal work that is required for you to grow, expand and at the end of the day, take a step back and let life take its own course.

Internal work on a mental level, emotional level, spiritual level and physical level. 

Who stimulates you mentally to help you grow? 

Who stimulates you emotionally to help you grow (yes, even if you are not in a happy relationship, these emotions are stimuli for growth)? 

How do you grow spiritually, and how do you keep growing emotionally?

Each Sunday, I take 2 hours of reflection time for myself, and I go through the areas in my life that are important to me. My relationship, my health, my finances, my career, my friends, and my hobbies…. And I check in which areas I can or need to take action to keep improving. Even a small action is enough. It goes from buying flowers for my partner, reaching out to an old friend, or outsourcing lower value (yet important) tasks in my business… that reflection keeps me at the top of my game, as external life keeps changing, so I need to continually evaluate my internal self, so they keep being aligned.

Life is never static. So you cannot be static. 

Doing the work in all areas of your life is key. 

Just do the work, just as water flows, and at the end of the day, let it all go.

Day in, day out.

When you are able to do this, you will be able to live in peace. If you are not in peace today, there is reflection needed. There is action needed. 

Which area of your life needs the most attention right now?


Raf Adams 

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