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3 Steps To Find Inner Balance in Any Situation


There is internal balance and external balance.

When someone offends you, you become off-balanced.

When you lose an important client, you get off-balanced.

When an expected deadline is not met, you are off-balance.

So how can you live a life of balance? Don’t we all want balanced, sustainable happiness, success, love, and joy every single day?

On the journey of life, when you take action for the first time in any area of your life, it will always be an act of imbalance.

For example, when I learned public speaking, I was too shy to speak, and I was out of balance because I was too afraid. Then when I finally had the courage to speak publicly, I started projecting a speaking style that was not me, and I faked it because of deep internal fear. I projected power and confidence that was not authentic and so I was still off-balance.

To speak authentically, both internal and external balances have to meet. I had to learn to be calm, stay grounded, and speak in a style that was “me”, not like other speakers I admired. It had to be me. So this particular journey took years until I found my authentic voice. 

It is only when your actions meet the authenticity within yourself, AND that the external feedback from others or changes do not affect your ego, that you are in balance.

It’s almost like being a real Monk, just be tranquil and don’t let the external world affect you. 

Easier said than done.

You first have to accept any action you will take for the first time, or maybe second or third; you will be off-balance. 

This is the key to acceptance. 

Once you accept this, the pressure to perform, the anxiety to do things perfectly, and the fear of meeting expectations will all drop. Because your mind and ego know that it is ok for the first time you get it perfect. It takes the pressure off you.

The second thing is to prepare as best as you can and deliver according to the best of your abilities.

And thirdly, be ok with failure, be ok with feedback, accept, and move on to the next stage of growth. 

This third stage creates the internal development that leads to the growth of your authentic self. 

This journey is painful, but it is only painful for the mind. It is not painful for the heart. The mind’s pain is the pain of control. The heart’s happiness will be the happiness of growth. 

The same principle applies in business. The first product you launch will not be your best product. If you keep developing your first product to make it as perfect as possible, you may never launch. Although the faster you launch your first product, and you are ok with failure and feedback, the faster and easier you can optimize your product for the best version it can be. 

And so whatever you do in life, in your relationships or your business, or even when you start a new job, you must understand that you will always go off balance first. 

The faster you can accept that, the easier it will be to be successful in  life. 

When you live life off balance in this way, then you will soon realize you are living in harmony. 

Both your internal and external worlds are aligned authentically.

It’s a never-ending journey in life and leadership, but until what point?

The journey of life and leadership is the journey towards self-realization. To realize yourself, your mind, your emotions, your spirit, and your body all have to work in alignment and be in balance. No projection, no attachment, but still operating and getting things done in life and work.

Is it possible? 


The question now to think about is, in which areas are you still feeling out of balance?

In which areas are you holding yourself back from moving forward out of fear or worry? 

The faster you overcome those, the faster you will find balance & peace within.

Happy living.

Raf Adams 

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