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The Journey Inwards and Outwards

Everything that goes inwards has to go outwards.

And everything that goes outwards has to go inwards.

When you eat food or drink water, it goes inwards, you digest, it serves you and it goes outwards.

When money comes into your business, it goes inwards, you use that money to reinvest, and pay salaries and it goes outwards.

Why is that even important to know?

Because when you block the flow of going outwards everything gets clogged.

If the food you digest doesn´t go out, what happens? You have a serious problem. If your business doesn´t pay salaries you will have a serious problem.

And so we let the food go out and we pay salaries if we own a business. It’s the natural flow.

But how about emotions?

Someone criticizes you, you have a painful divorce, you lose the money that you invested for your parents.

These are emotional challenges that go inward. Do these go outward again?

In most cases not.

So what happens? Your system gets clogged.

Your natural flow is broken. The emotions go inward, but the emotions don´t go outward.

Have you ever thought about this?

All unresolved life experiences you have had, traumas, stress, pressure, and pains that go inwards but not outwards build up negative emotions within your body. And this is one way how a gap is built within you. I talk about this extensively in my book The Suited Monk.

And so, declogging that system is crucial if you truly want to be happy (real happiness).

From my personal viewpoint coaching many people in corporate, and personal life, I see two main critical areas that most people have, they are:

  1. Not being connected to their emotions
  2. A lack of fulfilment and clarity about the direction and their true path in life and career

If you resolve these two elements in your life, your happiness, your enjoyment, and your fulfilment will skyrocket.

Even your life´s purpose is a part that is inwards, it’s inside you. But what happens if it doesn’t go outwards? Your natural system is clogged. You will not be happy.

And that clogging is like drainage that is clogged (sorry for the visual metaphor but it’s true), and this is where the suffering and darkness happen.

Imagine what happens when you clean out drainage.

It smells, it’s dirty, it’s often black, it takes time and effort, it’s difficult to remove the clog, you may need to do hard work, you are sweating to get it unclogged…

BUT what happens afterwards, when the natural flow comes back?

It’s clean, it’s fresh, it smells good, it looks good, it feels good, it flows naturally!

And so the question is, where are you clogged in life? What are some of the parts that need to go outwards?

What blockages are inside you that are not being released?

Those blockages are the solutions to your happiness and fulfilment in life!


Raf Adams

I am a life mentor and philosopher and write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help people to increase the quality of their decision making. By doing so, achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, company, and society. If you want to fastrack your results right now, click here to get the Suited Monk book or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleagueYes I want it!

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