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Philosophy Does Not Have a Place in Business, but Businesses are Build Around a Philosophy

Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tzu…. Great philosophers.

A nice to have and nice read in our free time, now let’s get back to work.

Philosophy is a dream, it does not have a place in business.

If we only knew that the journey of our life is the journey towards self-realization.

Our job, our marriage, our kids, and our life experiences are all part of that journey.

We,… we live life in reality. We pay the bills, we meet friends, and we try to improve our business.

So what is the purpose of a business?

A business is about seeing a pain point in the market and then developing a product or service that helps others overcome that pain or improve their lives. The business makes a profit and then we use that profit to re-invest to continue to grow and solve problems.

In a company, we call this a Mission, Vision, and Values, and then we use strategy to execute.

There is no philosophy in it (so we think), because this…., this is reality.

But at some point in our lives, some sooner than later, come to a point in life where we ask the big question. WHY? Why are we doing all this for?

The moment that WHY happens, your deeper quest for meaning and purpose opens up.

The first answer to WHY is to bring back purpose into your business, career, and your company vision. Why are you in business? And then works backward to achieve the vision you had through your strategy and goals.

The second answer to bring back in your life is ‘’why am I here’’? This is more on an individual level. Since we are never educated to understand the real journey of life towards self-realization taught through the teaching of Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tzu, and many others… some are lost and don’t even know we are on this journey.

So to build a sustainable and happy life, you need to go back to the core. Understand your personal philosophy of where and who you are, and why are you here for. When these answers slowly emerge bring that into your business…

And then one day…. when you get lost because of working hard, taking care of responsibilities, or you experience a crisis in life if you want to know why you are doing the things you do. Simply go back into your heart, the philosophy and driving force of why you do the things you do will always be there. So it´s important that you develop this part inside you.

The question now is have you connected with that part inside you?

Raf Adams


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