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Leadership Potential

Leadership potential includes the ability for strategic thinking, dealing with ambiguity, interpersonal skills, openness to feedback, leading others, influencing, risk-taking…. The list goes on…

These are in summary a way of how the mind is managed and used in different situations, experiences, and circumstances to get optimal results.

However, imagine you hire a person with the above skill set and mindset, how do you know this person really has the right values and ethical behavior?

Leadership Potential exists in two areas:

Mind potential 
Heart potential 

I could call it, external leadership and internal leadership

  • External leadership is what I mentioned earlier. They are mainly focused on the functioning of the mind (a good mind)
  • Internal leadership links to life experiences, your personal values, your purpose in life, the ability to overcome health issues, the ability to forgive, the ability to work through regrets in life, the ability to deal with loss

We all go through internal leadership, but this is rarely talked about!

Truly sustainable businesses include external and internal leadership to hire talent and TRUE LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL that has both mind and heart aligned.

If not, there may be a disconnect between what the leader is trying to achieve and who he/she really is on the inside. This could result in high performance but lack of empathy, burnout, high levels of stress, or leaving the company too soon…

It is only when the heart is involved that true leadership potential can emerge.

And this starts in the hiring process for the company, and on the other hand understanding ‘’the life journey’’ for the candidate to fulfill their true leadership potential.

The company’s HR should be one of the most self-aware leaders in the company because they recruit and assess this leadership potential both internally and externally.

And for us as individuals… we need to understand our own life journey. Have you been able to understand why you had certain life experiences? Have you forgiven the people that needed to be forgiven? Have you resolved any unfinished business in life? Do you know how to listen to your heart? Are you clear on your values and do you act on them?

To be truly successful on a sustainable basis in life and leadership, both your internal and external self has to align.

The big question is, where are you on the journey?

Raf Adams

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