Flow Vs Force – how to allow the right people and things to come to you


I was once working with an executive from a manufacturing company. He had to make a presentation for his company. He was nervous about speaking in front of 500 people.

This nervousness had nothing to do with the event itself. This nervousness came internally. His natural flow was broken because his mind fixated on potential fears of not being liked, approved or being boring.

It is the same if you are single and looking for a new life partner. 

Or in business, if you look for a new business partner. 

This is a process that you cannot force. 

People have to COME into your life. You cannot FORCE them into your life, well, you can, but you know how that will end up!

Whenever presented with a difficult question or situation in your life or business, the first thing to do is always allow things to flow.

And Is FLOW external or internal? 

FLOW is internal. 

You cannot force FLOW externally. Doing that will only result in burnout in your career or health issues throughout your life. You try to force results. You aim to get all achievements and experience stress as a result.

Remember, both your inner and outer world always have to work in alignment. With your inner coming first and your outer coming second. 

And so, if you are struggling in any area of your life, whether it be your relationships, your work or your life, the only thing to do is take a step back. 

A step back to allow the flow to come internally. 

A step back so you don’t get attached to the situation. 

For example, go on a holiday is a great step to get back into flow. 

Go for a morning coffee before work and take a few minutes to reflect. 

Or go for a run and detach from the situation.

When your mind detaches, you are creating space for FLOW to take place. You are not controlling anything. You are not controlling a situation. You are not fixated on anything. So natural FLOW can take place.

This doesn´t have to take long. Only a few seconds or minutes can be enough. But just simply giving space to the mind can bring in greater insights, ideas, and solutions.

Remember, the higher position you have in your company, the more difficult it is to gather all DATA to make a decision. At some point, you have to use your gut feeling and TRUST that your decision will be the right one. 

This TRUST is FLOW. 

So each business, each relationship, and each area of your life has a FLOW component. For life to take its own course.

The question is, how much do you force, and how much do you allow it to FLOW?

Raf Adams 

#flow #balance #leadership

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