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Balance and Imbalance

In order to be balanced, you first have to be unbalanced to then understand what balance is.

Happiness. You first have to be unhappy to know what happiness is.

Success. We first have to fail to then understand what real success means.

How come balance is so hard to find? Relationship issues, changes in your career, company politics, a difficult client frustrates us, stress seems to be there all the time…

In order for us to find balance, we first need to experience imbalance because then we know which gap to bridge to find balance.

Each lesson, each struggle, each change in your life is a sign to let you know ‘’hey, you have a gap here’’. It’s only when we bridge the gap that the imbalance goes away and then you are in balance.

Eckhart Tolle would say you are in ‘’the present moment’’.

When you miss a flight and instead of being frustrated you choose to be an observer and not attach your emotions to the changes you find balance.

When you miss a job opportunity and instead of feeling disappointed and you choose to be an observer you find balance.

The journey of life is the journey towards self-realization. Our life, relationship, and career experiences are just helping us to get there.

The question is, in which areas do you need more balance today?

Raf Adams


I am a life mentor and philosopher and write thought pieces and provide perspective on life and leadership to help people to increase the quality of their decision making. By doing so, achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, be more effective and make a positive difference for themselves, their teams, company, and society. If you want to fastrack your results right now, click here to get the Suited Monk book or provide it as a gift for a friend or colleague. Yes I want it!

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