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Suited Monk Authentic Leadership is a unique licensed program which consist of a one to two-day authentic leadership workshop for leaders, with pre-course assessment, case design, and phone interviews followed by an individual or group coaching program.

Suited Monk Authentic Leadership is a personal leadership development program with three components:

  • Pre-course assessment to identify the Leadership GAP between the external (Suit) and internal self (Monk)
    • Design a business case based on the leader’s immediate challenges
    • Phone interviews with selected participants
    • Pre-course reading of Suited Monk Leadership written by Raf Adams and Dr. Mike Thompson
  • One or two-day experiential practical workshop
  • Post-course review and discussion
    • Action plan and follow up individual executive coaching
Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Part 1-2: One or Two Day Workshop

Suited Monk Authentic Leadership begins with a one to a two-day workshop designed to help leaders become more self-aware and authentic

The one to two-day workshop will provide leaders with a set of practical tools and an understanding of themselves that will enable them to lead from within.

This includes:

  • closing the external and internal GAP to be more authentic
  • develop strategies for open-mindset
  • increased self-awareness regarding personal leadership strengths and areas for development
  • managing emotions when under pressure
  • increase the quality of decision making

Part 3: Executive Coaching

To support leaders on their ongoing journey, we provide those who require it with one on one coaching support for a three-month period. These coaching sessions are designed and arranged on an individual, case-by-case basis and are set up to ensure you receive the help required to powerfully integrate the learning received from the two-day workshop. Move your leaders…

Delivery: The authentic leadership workshop will combine an introduction of tools by the facilitator with one-on-one, team, and group discussions to help participants reflect. The delivery of the workshop will be a facilitative approach to help people think for themselves rather than a teaching approach. The facilitator Raf Adams is an Advanced Certified Coach, Co-founder of Good Leaders online, and author of two books, Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership. Raf Adam’s approach in workshops and expertise is self-awareness in life and leadership.

Ideally, before the workshop, Mr. Adams would like to conduct phone interviews with 3-to 5 selected participants to understand their current mindset and level of self-awareness.


Final Insight

  • Every member of your team has a gap between his Monk and the Suit. For some, this gap is narrow, for others wide.
  • The purpose of the Suited Monk Leader program is to ensure this gap narrows and ideally disappears.
  • The obvious objective and result for the individual are less stress, feeling happier while for the team and organization it brings more trust and collaboration.


The Suited Monk is an International Brand. I have a successful 15-year career record conducting corporate workshops with the Suited Monk approach, and with my books in the Asian market and now in Spain and America. The Suited Monk has been applied with corporate clients around the world such as British Petrol, GAP, Barco, OCBC Bank, Basf, Philips, Mead Johnson, Bayer, Henkel, Carrefour, and more. My book, The Suited Monk is translated into English, Chinese published by CEIBS, and in Spanish through Amat editorial.


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