Suited Monk Leadership is a one day self-awareness workshop for leaders, with pre-course assessment, case design, phone interviews  followed by a individual or group coaching program.



Suited Monk Leadership is a personal leadership development program with three components:

  • Pre-course assessment to identify the Leadership GAP between external and internal self
    • Design business case based on the leaders immediate challenges
    • Phone interviews with selected participants
    • Pre-course reading of Suited Monk Leadership written by Raf Adams and Dr. Mike Thompson
  • One-day experiential workshop
  • Post-course review and discussion
    • Action plan and follow up individual executive coaching

CapturePart 1: One Day Workshop

Suited Monk Leadership begins with a one-day workshop designed to help leaders become more self-aware

The one day seminar will provide leaders with a set of practical tools and an understanding of themselves that will enable them to lead from within.

This includes:

  • closing the external and internal GAP to be more authentic
    • develop strategies for open-mindset
  • increased self-awareness regarding personal leadership strengths and areas for development
  • managing emotions when under pressure
  • increase the quality of decision making

Part 2: Executive Coaching

To support leaders on their ongoing journey, we provide those who require it with one on one coaching support for a three month period. These coaching sessions are designed and arranged on an individual, case by case basis and are set up to ensure you receive the help required to powerfully integrate the learning received from the two-day workshop.


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In this life-changing workshop, discover the source of peace within yourself. Meet and get to know your inner monk – who you truly are – and why you’ve chosen the suit you wear.

In fact, you don’t have to go on a retreat or live in a cave to find fulfilment. As a ‘’suited monk’’, you can wear the suit of the business world and be a success, yet enjoy lasting inner peace.

Wake up every morning knowing what makes you happy, and what gives meaning and purpose to your life. Connect to your true self and create more love, joy, and abundance in your life and in the lives of others!

The Life Journey Model Chinese - Version 1.1


In this 2-day workshop, you will discover:

• Life Journey Model® – a guide to find meaning, purpose and happiness in life

• GAP Secret – how to transform unhappiness and emptiness into fulfilment and happiness


This workshop will help you:

1. Discover the right career path and find your true purpose

2. Change your life to find inner peace and lasting happiness

3. Learn how to live as a suited monk and make the right choices in life & career

4. Understand what more life offers a suited monk, and how to tap into other forms of energy

5. Gain self-awareness and discover the inner genius and true desires of a suited monk

6. Use your intuition and emotions as messengers to increase the quality of your life


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The suited monk “speaks” to you. Written in an engaging, conversational style, the weighty matter of finding your life’s purpose has been decoded and broken down into some simple, easy to practice steps. Raf’s life journey model has been drawn from his and his workshop participants rich (and real) experiences and this is what makes it powerful and convincing.

Riktta PrasadHR Director, R&D, Greater China at Unilever

Everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest should read The Suited Monk. Raf’s Life Journey Model is a simple yet brilliant framework to help us understand why joy is not deducted from material wealth and we should strive for inner peace and happiness. Reading The Suited Monk, I rapidly identified my own journey to bridge the gap between the inner and external world, which I will now accelerate to the fullest. Raf is a hero who will continue to affect positively the lives of his readers

Peter BuytaertFounder, Shanghai China Global Leaders (CGL) Management Consulting

AdelaIt was a calling from the universe that I got to know Raf and attended his Life Journey Workshop. I love the GAP model that captures the true meaning of life. This workshop was inspirational, spiritual, and practical & down-to-earth – I enjoyed every minute of it and will recommend it to anyone who feels connected to this topic.

Adela, Weiwei YangLeadership Advisory Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates

Max ZhangThe workshop of suited monk is a fascinating program for personal development. Raf brought a very important topic for every professional to stop and think, what’s your life purpose? Think more about inner self (monk) instead of indulging in material world (suit).

Max ZhangNational KA Director at Mead Johnson Nutrition

Steven WoodRaf was great as a moderator at the HR Executive Summit providing excellent synopsis of presentations, connecting the themes of the conference to content, and provoking thought, next steps among the attendees.

Steven WoodVP, HR & China Development, Doosan

RocheRaf is a strong moderator, able to command an audience of several hundred people in an engaging and passionate way.

Global HR Leader RocheAuthor, Speaker, University Lecturer

Edward YangRaf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject “leading from within”. The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team

Edward YangChief Representative at BP China Holding Holdings Ltd, Shanghai Branch

Original and in honest, this book captures the Life Journey workshop perfectly and is highly recommended as separate reading or as complimentary follow up to one of Raf’s workshops. I found this book so helpful (Simple language and model, to a complex topic, easy to read,  truly a knowledgeable book) that I have already recommended numerous to both read the book and participate the workshop.

Henrik LarsenChairman of the Danish Chamber of Commerce South China

MikeThompsonHow to manage life is the challenge. Raf Adams demonstrates that happiness in life is attainable every day by understanding how we respond to the inner and external journeys. This is a book that can liberate the soul.

Professor Mike J. ThompsonChina Europe International Business School, Shanghai

At some stage of our lives, we inevitably reach certain crossroads – whether in our careers and personal lives – and this can present huge challenges and uncertainty.  Raf’s book gives clarity, guidance and certainty when confronted with such challenges and is a “must-read” for anyone seeking direction, fulfillment and enrichment during their life journey.

Jeremy SargentChairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong


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