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Welcome to Suited Monk Community!   Suited Monk Offline Community

Because of the request of several fans and as the creator of The Suited Monk, I strongly feel that we need a platform—both online and offline—where Suited Monk readers, fans and people who have attended the Scommunityuited Monk workshops can continuously connect, share and support each other on their life journey. This community is non-profit and means to serve the best for your own growth on your life journey.

I encourage you to join with an open mind and be ready to explore your true self. There is no right or wrong. Enjoy the expansion of awareness and reach to your higher self.

You don’t always have to actively post things. You are welcome to be an observer of the group, as long as it serves you in someway. I personally will be taking care of the moderation of the community by checking in frequently. I am excited to meet you on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
If you are interested in the offline community gatherings, the following page may provide you with additional tools.


Raf Adams

Practical Philosopher and Founder & Author of the Suited Monk