You are a leader, manager, or business owner and the work you do pays the bills. But how much is it costing you?
You feel stressed and you are looking for more meaning and purpose in your life and career

You’re reading this right now because you want to experience more inner peace and happiness and something needs to change. 

You can be happy and fulfilled at work and in your life.
You don’t have to continue this unfulfilling journey to manage all the external demands and daily pressure.

Hi. I’m Raf, and for the past 12 years, I’ve helped leaders just like you find mental, emotional, and spiritual balance in life and work. I run workshops and seminars for Fortune 500 companies and help some of the most powerful leaders in the world to figure out why they’re unhappy in their life and leadership — and how to change that.


Max Zhang

“The workshop of Suited Monk is a fascinating program for personal development. Raf brought a very important topic for every professional to stop and think, what’s your life purpose? Think more about inner self (monk) instead of indulging in material world (suit).”
National KA Director at Mead Johnson Nutrition

“Raf’s workshop is highly recommended – Organized, practical, deep, and thought provoking”

CEO, Shanghai United Family Hospital

Edward Yang
“Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject “leading from within”. The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team”
Chief Representative at BP China Holding Holdings Ltd, Shanghai Branch

“Raf ran a highly effective and insightful training program… Interactive, progressive, and engaging.”

President Henkel Singapore, Business Director Transport & Metal SEA

“A very good chance to take the time to reflect and deepen understanding of life and others, and learn practical tools to get back on track on one’s Life Journey”

Vice-Chairman, Shanghai Board, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

“Through this workshop, it will help you really identify your own journey to bridge the gap between suited and monk, inner and external world, it will help you to find out the well balance between two of them and then will bring you a more happier, enjoyable and successful career full of your passion and love… it may change your life.’’

HR Director, Adhesives APAC at Henkel

The Suited Monk program can help you be happier and be more effective – in your life and in your work.

Whether or not you’re managing others, you can take on an empowered role and find more fulfillment in what you do.

Find mental, emotional and spiritual balance in life, today, so that you can approach your future career with passion and purpose

You’ll learn powerful tools to experience more joy and happiness on a daily basis and learn to live in the present moment

But first, you must know where your “monk” stands and what quality “suit” you’re currently wearing.

I’ve designed a questionnaire just for you to help you find out.

What exactly is a suited monk?

Every day, you go out in the world wearing your suit — whether it’s a custom-designed 3-piece Armani, a workshirt and jeans, or your comfiest workout gear. Your suit isn’t so much about the clothes themselves, but the image you present to the outside world. Your suit is the version of you that everyone sees.

Your monk has nothing to do with your religion. Rather, “monk” is the term that represents the inner you. Your passions. The things that light you up and bring joy into your life. Your monk is often the version of you that no one sees — sometimes, not even you.

A suited monk is a person who has managed to brings these two discrete personalities into one whole person.