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Executive Coach Barcelona - Tailored for your success

Hire me as your personal coach and life mentor (Skype)

I love one-on-one coaching, but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective. To schedule a 20 minutes chemistry check please, email us at raf(@)suitedmonk.com

My one on one executive coaching program is for:

High achievers, leaders, C-suite executives who are in transition in work and life and want to find their true path.

My ideal clients is a high achiever who is self-aware, smart, fast thinking and open to change. He is successful in his career but wants more meaning and fulfillment in both work and life.

If that’s you, please read on, I can help you!

My background:

I pursued a career in Shipping & Logistics, came to China in 2006 as an expat pursuing my corporate success. There was only one problem, I was not happy, I lacked meaning and purpose in life. I felt emotionally drained and I was disconnected from myself.

To make matters worse, in 2008, I was laid off just before the global financial downturn.

I then decided to make a bold move to pursue my passion ”helping people (that’s what I felt at that time)”. I came to Shanghai in 2008, without a network, with no experience in the training & coaching business and no mandarin experience. In 2 years I build a business out of doing what I love and today we have offices in Shanghai, London and Barcelona.

I’ve published 2 books The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership, did 2 coaching certifications in 2008 and 2009 (advanced coaching), studied NLP and have helped over 1000 people through my seminars and workshop over the past 12 years in Fortune 500 companies and public programs.

I would love for you to find your path too so you can be happy too. I coach face to face in Barcelona or we do virtual sessions if you live outside Barcelona.

Here’s the process we will walk together.

My coaching process:

  1. Understanding you and your life journey (the big picture) (1 hour)
  2. Help you identify blind spots and connect the dots on your life journey (this may include mentoring to help you understand the bigger picture of the life journey) (1 hour and ongoing)
  3. Resolve negative emotions to close your SUIT-MONK GAP. If you are not familiar yet with the SUITED MONK concept, feel free to read the book first (on amazon.com) but this is not mandatory. This part will increase your level of peace, happiness and confidence
  4. Develop your purpose and discover what gives meaning to you in life
  5. Take action on developing your purpose (sometimes in alignment with your current job/career)
  6. Monetize your purpose and transition slowly
  7. Find internal and external alignment to find joy daily
  8. Develop an action plan to help you integrate your life path (your Monk) with work / career (your Suit)
  9. Email support and live chat included 24/7 (What’s App / Wechat)

This process can go as fast as 3 months to 6 months, weekly or bi-weekly mentoring calls depending on your specific work and life situation.

Package fee:

To be discussed based on your situation, this is tailored for each client, with a minimum start of USD 5,000

Here’s what Nicholas Huang, former General Manager of Nike Golf Greater China and Oakley China had to say about his coaching / mentoring program:

Ready to Take Your Life and Leadership to the Next Level?

Contact with our team at raf(@)suitedmonk.com  to make an inquiry for the program.

PS: I am not the right coach and mentor for every person, please let me know which areas you’d like to work on in your email. If the objectives are in line with my expertise (as described above), my colleagues will schedule an appointment for us to have an initial phone conversation, a chemistry check to determine the next steps.


Raf Adams

Executive Coach Barcelona, Executive Coach Spain

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