My one on one leadership coaching program is

- Tailored for your success in both work and life -

You are:

A Leader who wants to find mental, emotional, and career balance.

My ideal clients are leaders who are self-aware, smart, fast-thinking, and open to change. He/she is successful in his/her career but wants more mental, emotional, and career balance both in both work and life.

One of the most important things I’ve done in my career, when it comes to growing faster and getting more done, while doing less… is working with coaches and mentors. People that have been there, and done it and know what needs to be done ‘next’ in order to catapult my own growth.

Some of the challenges that my clients experience:

  • Wanting to make a career change but don’t know where to start
  • Having achieved a certain level of success but having no purpose
  • A crisis, health issue that brings uncertainty of where to get next in life
  • High levels of stress and looking for a more balanced lifestyle

You’ve read personal development books, attended leadership development seminars, maybe went to several retreats. But you still haven’t found the answers you are looking for.

That’s typically where I come in.

Here’s what Nicholas Huang, former General Manager of Nike Golf Greater China and Oakley China had to say about his coaching / mentoring program:

Ran a highly effective and insightful training program on leadership – focusing one to confront their own self image and providing tools and learnings along the way to being a to become a more effective leader. Interactive, progressive and engaging. Thanks Raf.

Daniel Rudolph

President Henkel Adhesives @ Henkel ANZ

I went to the Suited Monk for 2 days and found it very inspiring and thought provoking. It was a hugely valuable experience for me and I would warmly recommend him to others who are perhaps at a cross-roads in either their work or life.

Mark Hutchison, Managing Director at Mercator GZ

Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject “leading from within”. The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team.

Hengming Yang

CEO WANDA Sports Group

Ready to Take Your Life and Leadership to the Next Level?

Contact our team at raf(@) answer these three simple questions:

1. What’s the biggest challenge you have right now? (lack of emotional balance, no purpose in life or work, high levels of stress, an upcoming life or career change,….).

2. What do you think is the main obstacle that prevents you from overcoming these challenges?

3. Are you willing to invest time, energy, and money in getting your life and leadership on track if the right fix presents itself?

PS: I am not the right coach and mentor for every person, please let me know which areas you’d like to work on in your email. If the objectives are in line with my expertise (as described above), my colleagues will schedule an appointment for us to have an initial phone conversation, a chemistry check to determine the next steps.


Raf Adams

Raf’s workshop on “Leadership from Within” was quite inspiring and refreshing ! It made me ponder on my authentic self, my purpose, and how to let go to enjoy more of work and life.

Dechun Fu

Managing Director of BYK Greater China

I enjoyed « The Suited Monk » 2 day workshop, and think it blends very well into my coaching career learning. Raf leads the workshop in a very interactive and sharing manner, which makes the participants open up and understand better with real life examples, whilst making one reflect and raise self awareness.

Catarina Brandao

Founder at UNIQUE U

Raf has shown his deep understanding on what is purpose of life, and how to pursue it with heart. I think he has very well thought through the question. So he was able to explain it in a well structured approach with clear and precise way of facilitation. I enjoyed the whole program and was very much inspired. I admire Raf who takes lots of effort to make it happen, to help people taking care of themselves from both mind and heart, in both external world and inner world, with respect on both individual and society. It is more than a program…

Tina Li,

HR Leader Apple