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Feeling unfulfilled at work?

Stuck in a meaningless Job?

Do you want to experience more joy?

I can help you find your true path in life so you can be happy and fulfilled every single day

Hey, I'm Raf, The Suited Monk

When I was 27 I moved as an expat to China to work in an international shipping company. I was considered successful at an early age but I lacked meaning and purpose in life.

I felt depressed and not living a life true to myself despite my outer success.

In 2008, right before the financial crisis I got laid off. I decided at that time to live a life true to myself. I changed careers in the financial downturn in China, relocated to another city, started working in a new industry with no network and without speaking Chinese.

Within two years I transformed my life, found true happiness, my purpose and true path in life. Today, together with 2 partners we've build a leadership, recruitment and personal development business out of passion and purpose with offices in Shanghai, London, Suzhou, Brussels and soon Barcelona.

I've been running seminars and one on one coaching ever since, to help others achieve what I have learned. To live an integrated life! To align your internal self (Your Monk) with your external self (Your Suit).

And now... finally... I'm excited to make this info available as a comprehensive online course!

Become a Suited Monk Master

Align your inner self (Monk) with your external self (Suit), so you can be happy internally and successful externally.

  • Internal Happiness (Monk)

    Create an extraordinary life build around your values

  • A Successful Career (Suit)

    Find your true path and career in life

  • Transform Yourself

    Rebalance negative emotions to experience more freedom within

  • Lasting Motivation

    Find meaning and purpose in work and life

  • Live In The Present Moment

    Experience more joy on a daily basis

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Who Is This Course Good For

  • High achievers considering a career change
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a business around their passion
  • Those going through a mid-life crisis
  • University students who want to find their true path in life
  • Those who want more meaning and fulfillment in life and work
  • Future leaders who want to transform themselves

What You'll Learn

  • How to cultivate your life's purpose
  • Letting go of negative emotions
  • Make decisions true to yourself in your life and career
  • Develop your intuition
  • How to live a life true to your values
  • How to manage emotional pain
  • A model to help you navigate through life easily
  • How to find your true path in life
  • Self-Awareness of your true talents and gift
  • The best tools and strategies of 10 years of teaching seminars

What You'll Leave With

  • Clarity about your true path in life
  • Increased happiness in your daily work and life
  • A roadmap for how to navigate through life
  • Motivation to take action
  • Mastery for making decisions true to yourself
  • Increased joy on a daily basis
  • Living an authentic life true to yourself

Start Your Journey

Full Lesson Plan

  • Introduction

    Welcome Video (17:55)

    Video: What is Suit and Monk (6:27)

    (Workbook Page 1-8)

  • Module 1 Self-Awareness

    Awareness Introduction Video (5:03)

    Video 1 Week 1: Awareness of your Suit (3:05)

    Video 2 Week 2: Awareness of your Monk (3:47)

    Video 3 Week 3: Awareness of your Emotions (3:59)

    Video 4 Wrap Up Awareness Week 1-2-3 (7:05)

    (Workbook page 12-25)

  • Module 2 Developing Your Monk

    Week 4 Values Based Decisions In Life And Career (4:18)

    Week 5 Part 1: Develop Your Intuition – Flip The Coin (8:23)

    Week 5 Part 2: Develop Your Intuition – Is This Me? (3:10)

    Week 6 Cultivate Your Life’s Purpose (5:11)

    Wrap Up Develop Your Monk (4:11)

    (Workbook page 36-51)

  • Module 3 Enhance Your Suit

    Week 7 Observe/Accept/Let Go (4:29)

    Week 8 Reframing Your Perspectives (4:11)

    Week 9 Managing Expectations (2:52)

    Wrap Up Enhance Your Suit (3:06)

    (Workbook page 60-74)

  • Module 4 Closing The Gap - Managing Emotions

    Week 10 Emotional Rebalancing (5:47)

    Week 11 Dealing with Regrets (3:21)

    Week 12 – Part 1 Forgiveness and Gratitude (3:07)

    Week 12 – Part 2 Gap in Relationship to Others (5:18)

    (Workbook page 82-95)

  • Next Steps

    Completion of the Program – Become a Suited Monk Master (5:51)

    Share Your Learning (2:06)

    (Workbook page 96-106)

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Online Suited Monk Mentoring Program Today...

  • Over 18 + Exclusive Videos To Help You Transform Your Life

    Learn how to cultivate real happiness in your daily life

  • 12 Week workbook with over 100 pages and weekly assignments

    Discover and develop your life’s purpose

  • Full Suited Monk GAP Check-Up (including PDF report)

    Cultivate positive emotions through emotional rebalancing

  • The Suited Monk Audiobook

    Create an extraordinary life build around your values

  • The Suited Monk EBOOK Finding Your Life's Purpose And True Happiness (from

    Find your true path in life

  • The Life Journey Model

    A Life Journey Roadmap that shows the bigger picture of your life and career

  • Instant access to the online Suited Monk Mentoring community

    Learn in a community and share with others.

    Get instant mobile access

What People Say About Suited Monk

I recently got appointed to Director of HR for my company and wanted to attend a course that could give me some new insights. I found Raf's course, The Suited Monk really resonated with the philosophy and curriculum. I personally think that this is the future of the business world; to align business values with personal life purpose to enable leaders and teams to be happier and more effective in all endeavors. Raf provided me with great insights and most importantly, tools that I can now use to help build the foundation of a leadership program that empowers, teaches empathy, mindfulness and positive thinking.

Deborah , General Manager

Very interesting book " the suited monk". Definitely worth for everybody to take some times to read and digest. It will benefits both your daily professional life and personnel life.

Cathy, Asia HRD

The workshop of suited monk is a fascinating program for personal development. Raf brought a very important topic for every professional to stop and think, what's your life purpose? Think more about inner self (monk) instead of indulging in material world (suit).

Maz, National Key Account Director

Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject "leading from within". The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team

Edward, Chief Representative, BP China

Raf's book 'The Suited Monk' is an inspiring book. It has addressed the very complex question of 'happiness' and 'fulfillment' with a simple approach - the Life Journey Model. I have read many different books about live in the present and personal growth, and 'The Suited Monk' is one that make a real impact. I highly appreciated his openness, his energy, and his insight about true happiness.

Chuan, Founder & CEO at AWB China

I went to the Suited Monk and found it very inspiring and thought provoking. It helped me, with genuine understanding, to view them in a fresh, simple and practical way - offering key insights which I had not seen before. It was a hugely valuable experience for me and I would warmly recommend him to others who are perhaps at a cross-roads in either their work or life.

Mark, Managing Director

Raf's workshop on "Leadership from Within" was quite inspiring and refreshing ! It made me ponder on my authentic self, my purpose, and how to let go to enjoy more of work and life.

Dechun Fu, Managing Director

Raf's workshops can truly be a life changing event. Anyone from prime ministers to schoolchildren would benefit from experiencing his unique programs. He will literally touch your soul and feed your mind...Incredible

Keith, Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign up?

You can start anytime

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course and the community for a lifetime.

What kind of time commitment is required?

Expect 30 minutes per day reflecting and journaling. You can ask questions in the community daily to get support.

I would like to pay the program fee for someone as a gift to them. How can I do that?

Click the order button below. Email the payment confirmation to our team at support(@) and provide the name and email of the participant.

That’s all there is to it!

I have registered. What happens next?

Our team will send you a confirmation email with password and login details. After login you will get instant access to the videos in the membership area and the download section for the books.

Are there any requirements to attend this program?

Yes, have an open mind and be open to explore areas you haven't explored before within yourself. Secondly, take ownership of your life journey, it is the only way for you to start living a life true to yourself.

Is there interaction with others who have signed up?

Yes! Unlike other online training courses where you have to learn by yourself, here you can talk to other participants who are on the same journey as you, so you don't have to do this alone.

Is this program well researched?

Yes! The Suited Monk Gap Assessment is designed by Dr. Mike Thompson, Professor at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). Dr. Mike Thompson is also co-author of Suited Monk Leadership.


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