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Is Life Pointless – Coping with a Pointless Life

Is life pointless? It is a big question to ask. Typically people who are on a very low ask the question if life is pointless. To some extend everyone that I’ve met over the past 10 years running workshops, doing one on one coaching and people who bought my books have shared that they all have low points in life, including myself.

Finding your path in life

Is Life Pointless

People who are confused, lost and sometimes have had a major life crisis will doubt themselves if life is pointless. Some people somehow seem to have the courage and motivation to get back up by themselves and naturally get back into the flow of life. Other people somehow seem to stay at a low, feel depressed and have difficulty getting out of depression.

From my experience here are 3 strategies you can do to cope with the question ‘’Is Life Pointless’’:

  1. Find a reason to live: reflect on your life and start to figure out what gives meaning and purpose to your life? What are you passionate about? What gives you joy on a spiritual level? Is there something that moves you on an emotional level. Can you do more of it?

In the question for meaning and purpose Viktor Frankl famously said

Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for        

          meaning. The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her own life.” – Man’s Search for Meaning

  1. Sit with the negative emotions and suffering when life is pointless. Now, what do I mean by that? It almost sounds counterproductive. At certain stages in life, we sometimes don’t have to ‘’produce’’ we simply have to ‘’be’’. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad. Both happiness and sad are emotions we need to allow in our life. Embracing the fact that life is pointless can actually be a liberation towards happiness.
  2. Talk to someone who has been there and guess what? We all have…. The people around you will have had highs and lows in their life disregarding of their age. Talk to them and ask them what they did to get out of it. This can help you raise new awareness about what you should be doing moving forward.

A final thought:

In philosophy, the purpose and meaning of life is the journey towards self-realization or personal expansion. Through experiencing loss and pain and feeling there is no point in life, we can also experience the opposite which can be happiness or joy. Through both experience we learn, gain new insight and have new awareness about ourselves. That awareness allows us to grow and expand.

The point of live is awareness, growth and expansion, it happens during joyful times and it happens during sad times. Learn to embrace both and you will be well on your way to find yourself.

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About the Author

Raf Adams – The Suited Monk, is a practical philosopher helping people align their internal and external self and find their path in life.Raf Adams He has been living in China for 10 years, doing workshops and seminars, and is the author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership.

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