Integrity hard? Shouldn’t integrity be easy?

Yes, integrity is easy for the ego. It is easy to say what the right thing to do is. You have to be honest, you declare everything that needs to be taxed, you speak the truth, you don’t cross through the red light even when there are no cars…

But integrity is not that easy for the heart. How come?

Every time you make a decision not aligned with yourself, you create a gap between who you pretend to be and who you are on the inside. This gap within yourself creates negative emotions… unhappiness, frustration, stress…

Every time you make a decision aligned with yourself, you don’t create a gap. We call this authenticity, walk the talk, stay true to your values….

There is huge pressure right now in life and business based on the demand of the external expectations, and who we are on the inside. One of my clients, a Director in an international company recently told me ´´I know I am living in a golden cage and I know I should do something differently, but I feel I can´t leave it behind´´.

These belief systems and pressure cause most of us to feel unsatisfied with life and leadership.

Why? The challenge is most people rationally know who they are… my job title is, I am good at engineering, I have a family, I have a Phd, I used to live in xyz country, my friends are xyz…

But most people don’t know, what their values are, what their purpose is, or how to reconnect with their inner self or integrate both their inner (Monk) and outer world (their Suit)…

Most people are not aware of this pattern.

Day in day out we make decisions based on approval, recognition, and acceptance but if it is not based on our internal self, who we really are, we suffer.

The one who is able to close the gap between his internal and external self will be able to lead a life of integrity for himself and others. The only thing missing for those who have not bridged that gap is awareness and the question:

‘’where am I making decisions in my life today, not in alignment with myself?’’

Raf Adams

Suited Monk - context

Raf Adams

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