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Career Change – 4 Practical Philosophy Tips To Find Your Path In Life

After you realize it’s time to quit your job, the answer is what’s next? From a philosophical point of view there is a gap between knowing you need to quit and the next job on the life journey. That GAP is what I call empty space.

When someone wants to make a career change, in our recruitment business, 99% of the people we place in companies don’t really know what they want from their Monk. From a Suit point of view they do. Many people know what kind of job title they want, they know their salary expectations, their family requirements etc… But they struggle with the question ”is this job the right job”, ”is this the right path”. So there is a GAP that needs to be filled.

Practical Philosophy or having a Philosophy in life can help you bridge that GAP.

Here are 4 ”strategies” you can apply during your career change.

How To Find Your Path In Life

How To Find Your Path In Life

  1. Insight: a new realization beyond the mind, like a light switch that goes on in your head. Insight is the awareness you need to know and understand your Self
  2. Awareness: is the realization of Self. Awareness is the process of cultivating insight.
  3. Foresight: the ability to have a knowing of the next step on your path from a Monk point of view
  4. Contemplation: the process of cultivating, self-awareness, insight and foresight. It is the time to be still and let things emerge from within.

From a practical point of view in order to cultivate these 4 you need ”Time and Space”. Time and Space before or during the change of jobs.

If you are not happy in your job today and you want to make a career change, give yourself 3 months time and space with the focus to listen to your Monk and intuition. Take a step back, reflect and let the answer if your path simply emerge from within.

In the meantime, if you are in the process of change and you are in the empty space zone in between jobs, learn the principles of patience, trust and surrender and the right job will come.

Your internal and external world have to work in alignment in order for you to be happy and be sustainable in the long term.

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About the Author

Raf Adams – The Suited Monk, is a practical philosopher helping people align their internal and external self and find their path in life.Raf Adams He has been living in China for 10 years, doing workshops and seminars, and is the author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership.

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