How Happy Are You?

This CHECK-UP will help you become more aware of the GAP between your external (Suit) and internal selves (Monk).

You will receive a report describing the size of your GAP and provide solutions you can use to begin to close it. Your GAP score indicates how happy you feel, how much you are living true to yourself, and how much purpose and fulfillment you have. It also indicates you how you represent yourself to others, and your authenticity.  It can be applied to both your personal and career development.

Practical Philosophy, Philosophy of LifeClick the circle for each item below that best represents how strongly you feel about that statement. Use a rating system where YES = strongly agree and NO = strongly disagree. Click SOMETIMES if you have a hard time choosing between yes and no.

Are you ready? Sit down in a quiet place where you can take the check-up without interruptions. After you read each statement, check how your body feels before you mark what feels like the closest answer:

1) I work hard to create a good external 'personal brand' image
2) If I take a step back and look at my life, I feel a sense of fulfilment.
3) I frequently have feelings of being unhappy with who I am
4) I accept challenges in life
5) Think of a big change in your life. Did you struggle a lot to adapt to that change?
6) I think it is quite normal to lose your temper with people if you don’t like what they do.
7) I’m continuously working in alignment with my main purpose in life.
8) I have a sense of my inner voice
9) I go with the flow, rather than sticking to everything I have planned.
10) I focus on the journey of my life, and my goals are only a background guide.
11) I welcome people’s advice.
12) When things don’t go according to my will, I accept it.
13) I see things from other people’s perspective.
14) I find it difficult to accept my mistakes and failures
15) I get so charged up emotionally that I am unable to consider different ways to deal with a problem.
16) The demands of everyday life get me down.
17) I have faith that the right people will come at the right time in my life
18) I struggle to live in the present moment and I worry about the future.
19) My career does not give me purpose and meaning
20) I take ownership of my career rather than depend on my boss or peer/family pressure.

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The check-up is based on the books by Raf Adams and Dr Mike Thompson. Please enter the email address where we should send your check-up report (check your SPAM folder in case the report is not in your inbox).