Hi, I Am Raf Adams, a Life Mentor and Practical Philosopher

I help individuals—people just like you—find their path in life so they can be happy and fulfilled both in their life and career.

How to Be Happy in Your Life and Career

The Books

Suited Monk Leadership


For high achievers Suited Monk Leadership contextualises the broader business challenges faced by leaders in a VUCA world. Be a more authentic leader able to inspire others with vision, values and purpose… Read More

The Suited Monk

Practical Philosophy, Philosophy of Life

The Suited Monk lives within all of us, an empowering new book to help you discover your life’s purpose, true happiness, and spiritual self. Read More

Which Can We Help You With?


I want to be an authentic leader, reduce my stress, and lead with my values and personal purpose.


I want to join the Suited Monk online community to have a support group on my life journey


I want to get personal guidance on my life journey and work with Raf one on one to find my purpose in life

About Raf

Raf Adams  is a practical philosopher and has been helping high achievers align their internal and external self and find their path in life since 2010. He has been living in China for 10 years, running workshops and seminars for Fortune 500 companies helping leaders to close the GAP. He is a certified coach and co-founder of GLO

Raf made a career transition in the financial downturn in 2008 as an expat to a new industry in a new geographic location without any network rebuilding his life and career path. He found his purpose in life in the process and he was able to increase sustainable levels of happiness and close his GAP between his external (SUIT) and internal self (MONK).

Raf is now on a mission to help other leaders achieve the same. To live a life that balances the internal and external self so they can fulfilled within and successful (whatever it means for you) externally.


Here’s what Nicholas Huang, former General Manager of Nike Golf Greater China and Oakley China had to say about his mentoring program

Assess Yourself Today

Our  questionnaire contains statements to help you to become more aware about how big is that GAP between your external and internal self. This can be applied both in your personal and leadership development.